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Thursday, October 16, 2008
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Foreign nut (n.) - 1. A person who's a fanatic or who's starting to become a fanatic of other cultures. Absorbs them bit by bit or nut by nut 2. Other meaning is simply a nut you've never heard of 3. A crazy foreigner :bleh

I'm starting to like inventing words. Or at least give meaning to some. Now I've become a foreign nut. While running on the treadmill last Monday, I was watching a documentary featuring South Korean films and their directors and all I can say is... they're all mind-blowing! I'm not talking about romantic comedies we're all used to because of telenovelas but there are actually good and maybe even oscar-worthy about these films. Some even encompass the usual North American films and some are like it (Matrix! there's like this Matrix korean film thingy) but what makes these films look more interesting is because of their particular culture. You can see their traditions and their views about life. And how they're being broken.

The magnitude of how America has influenced the world is so great. Now after watching The Namesake and Persepolis, both foreign films, I saw that it's not only the Philippines that has been into this "American thing". Even Indians or French Iranians (watch Persepolis! One of my favorite animation films now!) are influenced into listening this punk rock thing, eating Burgers, partying and all American. I thought that only Filipinos are the uber crazy about Americans but now I now am wrong. There are also as many Filipinos as there are Indians (well i think) in America and they too are suffering the same fate. Should they still follow arranged marriages? Should they only marry their same kind? How about Iranians? They have it worse because of the super strict government they have and the recent wars they're experiencing, it's hard to express their freedom now. Teens are actually being forced by families to leave Iran for their sake and future. But the thing is.. I think Filipinos are still more Americanized. lolz. Just watch these films and you be the judge.

The NameSake features the struggle of one Indian family has to go through living in America. These struggle focuses on finding their own identity especially the children's (Kal Penn and the girl). Despite this being a boring premise, the film actually tugs your heartstrings because you really feel the emotions of each of the member of the family as they take you through the times of the parents up to their children's. And there are lots of humorous scenes too especially watching this Indian tradition of ladies flicking their tongues and saying "Whoo whoo!" during a marriage ceremony. I know it's supposed to be serious but I can't help but laugh! Watch it guys! Torrent it. Rent it or something.

Now Persepolis, go buy it!! (or torrent it like me) This is how much I recommend this littel animation feature! Running only at 1 hr and 30 minutes, this film is packed with insanely fun humor and a LOT of political views especially in the first few minutes of the film. It is needed because of the reality of Iran. They can't help but be political. I was a bit apprehensive about this film though. Sure it's got an Oscar nod for best foreign (wait, was it foreign film???) but come on, 99% of the time, the film is in black and white! The drawing's plain, nothing exactly significant in that department but the story is the focus here. Not the drawing but the story. And a little peculiar quirk about this film is that the dialogue is in French but it's talking about Iran. Now I don't know how to categorize it. Maybe it's still a french film. This story is about the tale of an Iranian girl and we see her go through life in Iran as she progresses to become the Iranian woman. I swear, I explain the film so badly but this film is a gem! It cracked me up loads of times and the story is.. so... true. It's so true that it's funny already. GO WATCH! :yay

In other news... THERE IS ACTUALLY A BRAND NEW LINE OF MACBOOKS AND MACBOOK PROS! I can't believe the shock I got when Apple e-mailed me that there is already a new line! And to think I just recently got a Macbook Pro :wat @_@. :dead but I am so thankful that Apple only focused on the aesthetics and not the functionality in their improvements. They changed the design, added a few more graphic cards or something to enhance the graphics and voila! That's it. Well that's what I think anyway. Head over to Apple for more details. Sighs... technology these days.. you never know how to keep up. Please don't be like fashion! :wah

I've finally posted more pics at Multiply! I forgot to blog about St. Francis of Assisi's feast day/National Pet Day! There was this pet blessing held in Eastwood City and my mum decided to go!! Haha it was fun seeing the pets and also their pet owners. There are actually a lot of owners who SPOIL their doggies. *they put them in strollers! like kids!* We brought Pawpi, Toto, Rocky and Coco! hehe.


I just had my SECOND molar extraction and I can tell ya that IT HURTS MORE than the first one here in this entry. URGH! More icepacks please! And what's worse is it's hard to swallow now and I'm getting coughs. sighs.. I just hope that the pain will end tomorrow. PLEASE! Now I look like some tomato coz of this blown up face of mine. Sighs... it looks like I've got the mumps. :wah

Well gtg now!

Updates when I updates peepz! =) :cool

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