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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
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So here i am, now one-tooth-less person, blogging in this whole wide world. haha! ya heard it right, I just had a molar extraction (sepcifically, a surgery) in the right lower back of my mouth. I can feel the stitches and the emptiness... The process wasn't pretty since basically i was awake for the whole 2 hours of it (2 HOURS! 2 FRIGGING HOURS!! CAN YOU JUST SAY "LOOONNG"?) and I could hear the sawing of superficial bone and the I could feel the pushing movement up to my jaw. It wasn't painful at all, well there were a few times i had to say "OW!!" or something like that but so far it was painless. Pain did come around 8pm that evening but good ol painkillers and super cool compressors did the trick. It's my 2nd day and I can't talk much for fear of the stitches getting unstitched so it's just sigh language and right side talking for me for now then. Heehe. wanna see the tooth? Gonna post a pic later on! hehee.

Chair came over a while ago just to chat and watch some dvds! She even brought some forgot-the-name-of-ice-cream-basta-it-was-deliicciiouuss ice cream!! Ice cream and cold stuffs made up for the little pain I was experiencing.

Well I don't have much to say today, well till next time! heehee =)

Updates when I update! =) :cool

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