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Friday, January 02, 2009
Image hosted by Tumblr-ing New Year! =)


Reading : First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde (ANG GANDA!! Fantasy and a whole lot more! :P
Downloading :
#63 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (nandito si RDJ!)
#64 Miracle on 34th Street
#65 Vicky Cristina Barcelona
#66 Slumdog Millionaire
#67 Charlie Bartlett
#68 The Duchess
#69 A Christmas Story (1983)
Watching :
Ugly Betty Episodes 9-10
Marie Antoinette (didn't like it much..)

Yey! I got a New Year present from Ate Yesha!! Aww ang cute niya talaga sis!! hehe Thanks ah!! *hugz*

Hey guys! EEPZ!! Sorry I had no chance to do a video blog! urgh, so sorry! I was capturing some videos on the eve of December 31st but sadly... I thought they didn't seem too nice.. lolz! haha Coz there were the booms and screams of fireworks and all that commotion, but let's see. I'll maybe upload it :p haha!

But I did get to do a Tumblr account!! I find the word tumblr to be unique and different even though the familiar tumbler would just mean... a container of some sorts. Who cares? It's such a weird word. Haha! Anyway I've converted this into a photoblog and I've joined the Project 365 c/o Ate Gel and I will post a pic EVERY DAY. That's the challenge right there! So guys if you want to see some action every day, Go follow/visit me there!

But wait... I have no cam.... BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ... haha Fortunately MOM AND DAD GOT ME ONE!! Whoot! OMG, grabe the first things that came true are the ones I thought most impossible to get.... Geeshh.. maybe I should put everything on my wish list as the IRONMAN DVD WITH SPECIAL FEATURES.... haha :p

Canon's IXUS 870.
Canox IXUS 870 IS (we got the gold one! lang)

Anyway it's a CANON IXUS 870IS!! hehe We got it for a bargain (imagine, nacut-off ung price for 9000php!!) at Quiapo at Henry's Camera (advertise advertise!). Dad decided to buy a camera when he saw our neighbors HOLDING A SLR CAMERA AND BIG-ASS LENSES! So you know, male pride kicked in and he said that we should have one too. But we're not professionals yet so there, we just got this and I DON'T REGRET it! hehe The images are amazingly clear and the video too! Love love it!! hehe. I'm gonna name it Camm-y just because... I'm a bad namer :( Or goldy...

Wow, this new year had been really different for me for these reasons:

1. Big Bro wasn't here. He was off partying in Portugal... LUCKY GUY! bwahhaa but he didn't have that much to eat as I did! bwahaha!!

2. I ATE NONSTOP FOR MORE THAN A WEEK! It started on Christmas Day and it didn't stop until Jan 1. AND NOW I'M A BIG FAT ARSE... *cries and laments*

3. We hopped to relatives' place more than usual. First it was at my mom's side. And I got to bond more with my cousins there. haha! Pls check out my multiply album for rare family pics! haha :p And then we went to dad's side amidst problems with grandpa... uh.. those are more personal things. And I got to bond more with my cousins too! :p hehe.

4. We had no fireworks. As in NADA, not even lusis, the magic wand sparkling things but I was still happy. Our neighbors never cease to amaze me with their fireworks especially those at both ends of the street. grabe! You thought that they were holding a contest or something. Haha and our next door neighbor had around 5 Sintoron ni Hudas (Judas belt, you know the really LOUD ONES). Almost became deaf again that night. Too bad I was the only one excited. Mum and Dad just wanted to stay inside. I braved the smoke and noise alone.. :((

5. We went to A LOT OF PLACES ON JAN 1~! hehe Far places pa. First we visited our soon-to-be pet parrot named Gray (coz again we have nothing better to name it...)

And then off to Cainta, Rizal to check on Queenie's bros and sis

Then to Tagaytay-Batangas to EAT OUT. Grabe si mum! hehe we almost got lost noh coz the place was SUPER SECLUDED as in it was at the dead end... lolz! haha YUMMY food though! :P

No exact pic :P hehe Kaya puro Carp nalang!

Hehe well that's it. I'll be posting again soon coz... BACK TO SCHOOL ON JAN 5 and frankly, I'm REALLY NOT READY! Really... hehe :p

Oh here's something to be amazed at...HOPE HE JOINS AI! And speaking of AI... American Idol month na nga pala!! OMG!!!

Updates when I update! :cool

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