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Sunday, January 18, 2009
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finished downloading:
#71 The Orphanage
#72 The Fountain
#73 Benny and Joon
reading : Shadow of the Wind p. 380 (whoot!)

Olllaaa my friends! Again, I have been MIA the past couple of weeks due to SCHOOL STRESS, STRESS and MORE STRESS! hehe  If you guys visited my tumblr, I have a pic there of my planner which was instantly filled the minute I got back to school. Practices, projects, trainings and paperworks have now become my flesh and blood. Going online and chatting with you guys is just one of the perks. Now I have to finish my FINAL draft on my English research paper and I hope to God that it's OK! hehe. :p

Anyway I was in the mood to blog. I mean I've been meaning to blog coz I found these AMAZING innovations on the internet. Who says that the youth and society are getting dumber? NO EFFING WAY! If people could mass produce mini-shelter homes or a bag-chargers, then the world would be a better place. Look at these fantastic creations

The Uber Shelter
"Dismantled, the Über Shelter looks like a large gray gurney. But this
compact pile of aluminum unfolds into a two-story home, complete with
lights, stove, porch and a small refrigerator. Rafael Smith, a senior
in the industrial design program at Purdue University, designed the Über Shelter for his undergraduate thesis project.

On a vacation in Manila the summer before he began the project, he was
shocked by the crushing living conditions of those in poverty; when he
got home, he began researching the architecture of shelters around the
world. With no previous knowledge of refugee camps, he sought the
advice of doctors, policy makers aid workers and a Sudanese refugee he
met online."

Soo Cool! It's just sad that it was inspired by Manila in a bad way... well it's now good because it could hopefully solve a few of our problems (and he might send a few free ones too! hehe).

"Joe Hynek may be the only student at Iowa State University
who carries a handbag for “scientific purposes.” On cloudless days, he
wanders his neighborhood to test whether the purse, which is plated in
thin solar panels and contains a lightweight battery, is absorbing
energy from the sun. After three hours of direct exposure, the purse
generates enough electricity to charge an iPod, camera or cellphone.
(The bag will also charge — more slowly — if placed next to a window.)
Mr. Hynek is currently working on the final touch: a small display
screen that will indicate when the purse is best angled for absorbing
the day’s light."

I'd love to have a bag like this! Man, you could charge anything now and it'd save you LOADS on electric bills! hehe just wish they'd improve sa design pa. :p hehe


"Lily Chong and Matt Kalish, both 21-year-old juniors majoring in
industrial design, thought about interactive toys for the assignment,
perhaps two tigers whose eyes would light up when a child touched the
paws together. Then one day the class was critiquing student projects,
and someone dismissed an idea as “That’s so gay.” As students debated
whether the phrase was offensive, the professor stepped in to steer the
class back on topic. But some students left the class feeling awkward.
You couldn’t just ignore the issue or bury hurt feelings.

Chong and Mr. Kalish started thinking about elephants instead of
tigers. Rather than being the figurative thing unsaid, maybe an actual
elephant in the room could help people talk about difficult subjects.
They came up with the idea of stuffed elephants that would communicate
via wireless chips buried inside their soft centers. If one person in a
room squeezes an elephant for three seconds, all the other elephant
eyes light up. “It lets everyone know there’s an issue, we have to talk
about it,” Ms. Chong says. The person raising the concern remains
anonymous. "

It'd be a cool  giveaway and a neat tool for learning in my opinion. Plus it looks SUPER CUTE!! goodness! hehee

I've also expressed here in my blog my admiration of a few people, namely Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Bill Gates and especially STEVE JOBS (co-founder of Apple AND Pixar!!-- my future job place! well i like to think so anyway). My lappy and panda-touch wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for him. Microsoft would just be boring if they didn't have any competition at all. Jobs brough something to the game! I just read an article on the latest TIME magazine concerning the possibility of Jobs' retirement (GASP!) due to his health problems (hormonal imbalance thing, he had pancreatic cancer then, grabe... hope he's OK..). Now we've seen Gates' step down from his mighty position and Microsoft is still on the roll. But what IF Steve Jobs leaves Apple? MacWorld survived the experience without Job's notable Keynote address which was instead precided by Phil Schiller, a candidate for the next CEO if ever Job's retires. He did a decent but without the "presence" of Jobs. Jobs was an innovator and everyone simply have to lend their ears to this Houdini who has LOADS of things to say.

I do hope he gets well soon.. I mean Apple still has a lot of potential! Now that it has covered mobile phones, they might probably go into printer/scanner/whatever things. He'd probably create a new line of something spectacular... so hopefully the imagination of Apple doesn't die out yet... PLS!!!

Sorry for the passinate rant. I'd love to work for Apple/Pixar but with Steve Jobs still sa head! hehe.

I've actually have a lot more things to say. Like the time....

.........I ERASED THE TRASH BIN WITH MY 37.9GB WORTH OF DISNEY/PIXAR MOVIES!! (55 movies in all!!) So yeah, I had to download them again. 5.11gb down. 32 more to go!!
.........I watched the OPENING specials of AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 8!! (i still don't see THE ONE. But Michael Castro - Jason Castro's younger bro - is CUTE! haha :P)
.........our Ateneo INTACT Exposure trip with street kids!!
.........NINTENDO DS is ALIVE once more!!

More happenings from me in tumblr! Pls do goo viisit! hehe :p Follow me there and I'll follow you too! :P hehe

Well have to go now! EEP! ALMOST 7PM! haha must do research paper!

Got a myyearbook thing too... hehe Add me!

Updates when I update :P :cool

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