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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
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Faffle (n./v.) - in Tiffspeak means hello for good mornings. A 'hey yo' only in times of morning (12am - 11am). When used outside of time frame, it is disregarded as nonsensical blabberings of a lunetic.

Faffle everyone (if it's morning there, then HELLO! otherwise, just consider me on my usual crazy self)!!:hihi See what boredom can do to you? You invent words. To amuse yourself, you actually give crazy advices to people such as imitating a jet lag person so that they can experience the feeling of being "traveled" (right Roberpo?). It's only day 5 of sembreak (whoot one month of NOTHING to do!!) and I'm already going bonkers. Operation sembreak is now in session and I am officially burning 100-300 calories a day! I hope a month of exercise and acitivity is gonna do me good! Hhehee =) But I have 3 parties this month... crap....

Rainy season is here and it's not yet cold enough. :wah Where's the icy/breezy wind? All I feel is the humidity of the dang rains and makes me want to sweat more. Ugh. And you know what? The depressing atmosphere actually reflects the devastating situation of the global economic crisis the WORLD is experiencing. Stocks are going down, value of money is going down and everything is just DOWN. I can't read the front page of the newspaper anymore because I'll just grumble and say "Oh now what.." Sighs.. and to top it all, I now can't eat chocolates without thinking... "May melamine ba ito?" ("Is there melamine in this?") :grrr

I know that everyone is tired of talking about it, but we can't stop from talking about it because how else would we solve something without tackling anything? My uncle who's really into economics (maybe that's why he's so rich now...) shared some tidbits with my mother and I would like to share it now with you guys

"Times are really hard and will even be harder in the next 12 months.  My job here is reading and monitoring all the gloomy forecasts and assessing the global inherent/emerging risks in Maersk.  The current global financial crisis is really very bad.  There will be more uncertainties in the next 12 months.  All industries are affected!   One of the highest risk is actually on CONTRACTUAL PARTIES and OBLIGATIONS.  We will see business contracts being cancelled, customers and suppliers going bankrupt or simply running out of liquidity, more banks going bust.   There will be very limited cashflow in markets.  Cost of borrowing will go up.  Financial institutions will restrict lending to each other.  Applying for future loans will be more complicated than ever with more collaterals and background checks required.   In short keep an eye on your cashflow and accts receivables.  Limit your credit exposure to customers.  Cut down on un-necessary spendings.
Metrobank and BDO are the 2 hardest hit from the collapse of Lehman Brothers in MNL.  Avoid gambling in stocks.  Enter stock market only by end 2009 when things have settled down.  There will be a lot of goose chase in the coming months investigating what we really went wrong and how it can be avoided in future. All these will be exercise in futility as they will never get to the bottom of all these.   The world economy has enjoyed so much wealth flowing during the last 10 years, with its peak in 2006.  There was so much speculations and hedging on many things -- real estate, commodity prices -- causing inflation to surge.  Many companies simply fogot to exercise proper Risk Management, abused Governance, lacked Transparency and did not do full Disclosures on their financial state. In short we now learn that there are too many irresponsible corporations around the world and greedy middlemen in between trades and business.
People will have to go back to basic.  Agriculture and food industry will remain robust. Population will continue to grow, people need to eat, people need to survive.  Be on the look out for alternative investments or business ventures in agriculture - be it on fishery, poultry or farming.  Of course, this will demand different risks on pests, health and safety standards but all these risks are controllable.   Imports from made in China has taken a toll and there's no more confidence on chinese food products.   Avoid engaging in commodity trades for the next 2 yrs - incl. dairy, gold, oil, etc.   Commodity prices are quite unstable and global tariff and tax regulations will only be more complex in the next 5 yrs. So much focus are being put on regulatory compliance (tax, labour, health, safety, security and environment) globally.  Governments backing up banking institutions will have to replenish cash thru collections of newer/higher taxes.
If you have excess cash, hang on to it.  Cash is king.  Spread out your savings in different banks.  Take note of PDIC's bank guarantees.  Stay on top of current events.  Discuss the current global crisis at home, engage your kids in the dialogue. Make them understand what is going on. Do not underestimate their wisdom and innocence in economics."

-Uncle Ramon

Now I know I wouldn't be able to purchase any cameras out there soon... Crap. And i just lost mine *thankfully it's the old one* but who cares, this is more important. So I'm back to helping my parents and looking for pay-per-post. Smorty and Blogsvertise have both stopped sending me campaigns. Due to inactivity maybe or something...But I'm trying to win them back! I got to save up!

I'm going to experience incredible pain again this Thursday... Molar extraction Part 2 is coming up! Nuts I tell ya. I just really hope that all this hulabaloo is enough for my teeth problem. Sighs. :dead

Anyway, am having fun this sembreak depsite everything. More moves = more fun. More time to spend with friends too! I had so much with Jinny and Chair a while ago playing badminton! Love it!!

I've been plurking a lot recently so you can catch me there! Pls do add me up =) Here please =)

I'm going to add end links for my pay to post sites in case new readers would like to sign up! hehe =)

Gotta go now=)

Updates when I update!:haha

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