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Sunday, October 26, 2008
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Before anything else, I'd like to thank all my new link exchanges for... agreeing to link exchange with me!! hahaa!! :yay Nice meeting ya all and hopefully we'll keep this strong!! Special mention to Aisha, Beena, Beng, Chiui, Evan, Gelly, Jha, Jhoice, Jeru, Karen Ken, and Sha!Thanks also guys for supporting me sa last post! I know it was loong... so sorry for my new readers. I love long posts for some reason.. Or maybe it's because I'm really loquacious. Haha!

I'm open to link exchanges guys!! =) :hehe

To all those who haven't heard... this is the new trailer for High school musical 3!!!

Okayz.... I was kidding. hahaa! :haha This is just a spoof, fan-made video courtesy of Slashfilm who thought that it was brilliant to mix the Saw and High School Musical franchise together. Lolz! Now I don't think it would be a box office smash hit but lolz~ I liked the way they mixed the scenes and when Troy Bolton/Zac Efron suddenly held a pair of knives! Lolz!! Hahhaa. It's October, bee happy for the Halloween season.

and i just watched HSM3!! THE REAL ONE!! It was a blast! If you're a senior now in high school, I'm sure that all of you can relate with it. Even I a recent graduate, is already reminiscing the days... the plays... the fights.... the WINS!! My gosh... I super miss high school! It's not an Oscar-worthy show, but it's all about fun, friends and high school! It's definitely BETTER than the SECOND!! I can't say that it's as good as the first though coz... none of the songs are catchy enough to get stuck in your head unlike Breaking Free. Lolz!! Haha but nevertheless... the songs and DANCE MOVES ARE GREAT!! as in!!!! Watch it guys!! =) :hehe

Speaking of Halloween season, what guys are you planning to do on Halloween? Are you going trick or treating? I wish I did, it's been 7 years since my first and last trick or treat. I'm gonna spend it the old school way and have a horror movie marathon! Yey!! I love horror movies sans/EXCEPT for the torture gore ones like Saw. Urgh, i detest senseless movies about blood and gore and cutting off one's limbs. I'd rather be spooked out or crepped out rather than grossed out in a very bad bad sense. Zombie movies are okay, just not Hostel or Saw. Go suggest peepz!!

And I'd suggest one of my own finds from Slashfilm again. Trick 'r Treat. Hehe it's a new premise and it's kinda creepy that they use kids to spook grownups out. There is just something VERY CREEPY about children who are gonna attack ya. Brrr!!! Here's the trailer and I think it's AWESOME!!

I'm keeping this short coz it's brown-out here (THE THIRD FOURTH TIME THIS MONTH!! WHAT THE HELL??) and the battery's gonna be dead in a few minutes. URGHHH!! :grr Wish my family luck and pray for us guys.... Our lot has been sold and hopefully at a right price and if the other lot gets sold again... we're finally getting our own house... our OWN house!! We're just renting out this recidence see, and I can't wait to leave the place. I know I'm going to miss this so much since I've stayed here for 10 years already but.... there are more perks in moving!! whoot! lolz. :hehe

Well gtg now!!

Updates when I update! :cool

*YEY MAY LIGHT NA!!! ngyak... haha obvious.. nakapost! haha*

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