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Saturday, August 09, 2008
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These were all my reactions to the opening of Beijing Olympics 2008. I missed the first 10 minutes of the show but I didn't care because I was already BLOWN AWAY by the lights, choreography, sounds and the intensity of all these elements harmonizing with each other. OMG, I have never seen anything like it. I even have no idea how to describe some performances because, I honestly have never see beautiful or intricate or complicated or aesthetic as what director Zhang Yimou has choreographed. Honestly, you have to watch it to believe it. Unfortunately, all the Youtube videos about the Beijing Olympics opening have been removed so I can't show you any clips... sobs.. I'll try to find some videos though.

The performance depicted the thousands year old history of China, highlighting the 4 greatest inventions of China. 2008 musicians and 25000 performers graced the arena through dancing, acrobating, singing, etc with spectacular pyrotechnics (OMG GRABE UNG FIREWORKS!! WHOA SUPERB!) Here are some pics

These pictures I say do NOT do justice as to how beautiful it looked. I say, catch a replay and WATCH it. Swear, your 2 hour watch wouldn't be wasted. I have never been more proud in my life to be a Chinese. China has delivered an astounding performance and the next Olympics host will have to work their arses off to be as good or to surpass what China did today. I feel like China practically shoved in US's faces the power of China's economy now. Man, I wish I were there at Beijing. This experience would have been surreal. Timm's mom must have been so HAPPY! urgh!! =)


Yey! I can finally type chinese characters here! Thanks to Apple! Now I gotta watch the games... yey!

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