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Saturday, November 03, 2007
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How come I have a feeling that I've broken a lot of mirrors and walked under a LOT of ladders? This year is turning out to be a "death" year because recently, Paris just passed away (I encourage you to read my last post - a tribute to my favorite dog) and just A WHILE AGO, as in AN HOUR AGO, Kelly just died. Kelly is our 10-year old Golden Retriever and whose brother Einstein ALSO died this year. What is going ON?? I don't know if it's just the weather or if it's really their time already but seriously, Jody, Einstein, Kelly, Paris, Britney have all died this year. That's like 5 dogs! We entered this year and thought that we'd end it completely but no, we have to say goodbye to our dearest family members. It makes me wonder if there will be more to come. My mom just took Rocky (our champion retriever at 8 months) to the vet and he was diagnosed with a blood parasite. GREAT GREAT GREAT. And I think I've been bitten by a tick on him when I killed it. And boy did I have fun SQUASHING THAT BUG!

Sorry if I sound so morbid again. Sighs, and to think I wanted to share so much about the other happy events that happened last week. Field trip to Ocean Adventure and Jest Camp in Subic wasn't exactly the best ( I slept most of the ride there, it's TOO FAR) but I did enjoy Madison the sea lion. She's just gorgeous! Well, except for the halitosis, she's a beauty! And also the dolphin show! I LOVED IT! Makes me wanna sign up as a volunteer and train the dolphins myself but I know I can't. Darnnit! Maybe this summer. Who knows what might happen? My sembreak so far has been, BLAH and HOHUM. Nothing is happening at all. I wanna give a shout out to all my friends out partying in another countrty though. (DANELLE!! How are the square watermelons??) Here are some pics by the way of my field trip. Check my multiply for more pics!!!


Wee Dolphin!

4C gals!

T-B: Keith, Mayb, Me and Chair

Next was the 3b Mcdo Reunion! Man I missed these guys (my class last year!) and a reunion was just what we need. Unfortunately only 20 of us attended but it's okay, there'll be more naman, di ba? hehe! Thank you so much to Franz for organizing this event, I know I wasn't much of a help. hehe. So we became kiddies again and wore party hats, played NOT-SO-KIDDIE games, drank mcdo beer (kidding!) and just basically hanged out. It was really fun to see us just laugh and sing "Go Go Power Rangers" and especially see Ms. Bagsic play these corny games! Haha! Am so glad we had this kind of party guys =)

Me and My Party Hat! (nevermind the nickname)

3b Together Again

Ronald McDonald LIVE as a kid! heehe

It was also Jasmine's Birthday on the Oct. 31 and Timms' and JV's bday on Nov. 2! Let's all give them a high five for turning a year older! Yey!!!

I've been dreaming a lot lately and i love it. When we dream, we undergo the ultimate sleep mode right? So we feel instantly refreshed after dreaming. But this morning, I woke up screaming, "WHAT WAS THAT??" I dreamt another morbid dream that probably just came out of a horror movie! I dreamt that there was this Zombie virus spreading here and my family and friends were trying to fight these zombies off. But some of them actually turned into Zombies and I was forced to shoot them. The gun I had was pretty sleek too and it worked beautifully! There was even a point that we all thought Paris (I dreamt of her! yey!! soo happy..) was dead but she was just stuck at the top of the tower and I had to save her! And I did. Well I have no idea how it ended. I kinda forgot. But this has got to be one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had. The weirdest is still me drinking orange juice. You cannot just dream of drinking orange juice and get sick. You just can't! But I did. Oh well..

What else have I been doing... oh yeah! I've also stumbled upon a socializing business called Yuwie. It's a socializing network which works exactly as Friendster and MySpace but has one catch, it actually PAYS you to do it! WHAT?? Well I'm just starting out so I still don't know any results. I do hope I get some cash now because I really really want to help my parents now more than ever since business I think is not doing so well. I must find a way to help them. Well please do help me guys and click this link and sign up as well! They pay for referrals and pageviews so please do click. Hope that you can help me =)

Those who have signed up, this can get ya a LOT of pageviews!! Thanks soo much guys!! *hugz*

Well gtg now peepz!
Updates when I update =) :cool

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