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Saturday, June 23, 2007
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** Just wanna spread the word about moneybookers, your wallet in the internet! 100% SAFE!! =)



This would be another tag-full posts!! Ate Kitty
tagged me with these! (sorry kung ngayon ko lang napost!)

Instruction: Go to, write your name and the word "needs" in the google and click the Goggle Search button. Just for fun, see what comes out of your search.

1. Tiffany needs to go back to being pregnant and funny, because she’s far too rational without a baby inside her. (WEH?? I WAS NEVER PREGNANT? I think I'm funny enough though... despite being not pregnant..)

Tiffany needs love & support (Yep yep! hehee. without these two... am a goner..)

Tiffany needs to lose about 30 pounds to be a real Ano Angie impersonator. (That hurt.... but I think it's true.. I need to lose pounds!!)

Tiffany needs a highly committed couple or single mom willing to invest the time and attention she will need to continue to move forward. (me have lovely parents na na!! hehe)

The Tiffany cat breed is a longhaired version of a Birmese. (ooohh.... coool!)

And another tag!

Rules: *modified by Jenny*
you should dive in to your archives
search your old post
recycle it, not just post the link but to post the whole entry again...
tag others
put the name and link of the person who tagged you in the title of your entry
I'm gonna copy ate kitty and just dug up my oldest blog post

I first started to blog because of my keypal Kelly (where are ya Kelly?? miss you!). She introduced me to Xanga and then i made a bold switch to blogger and now I've been since 2005! heehe. My biggest inspirations for blogging are Stephie, Ate Kitty and Ate Jays! You guys were the first ones I admired!! *hugz*!

And lastly....

list 5 things I love

1. my family
2. my friends
3. my computer!
4. my books =)
5. God

I won't be tagging anybody specifically because I'm sure that some of you have been tagged by this but to those who want to do it, feel freee! Weee!! Till next time! =)


Weee! Here are the owed plugs that I have!! Sorry if I haven't updated for a while!

I'm pretty sure that my future posts will be WAAAAY shorter now (probably as short as the last one) and there'd be less eye candy. Just check out my multiply for that one. And I'll be updating my jaikus (via cel phone) or twitter (if I'm available on the net) more frequently so go check those out instead if you want daily updates!

The school year has started and I don't know whether to be ecstatic or feel dreadful. I know I've said (and changed my point of view now. hehe) last year that I felt that the atmosphere of my 3B class, weird and quiet. It felt like, I was never gonna get along with anyone, ever! But fortunately, it turned out to be one of the better years of my life! I've met different people with MORE different personalities and yep, we were able to mingle and become the best of friends!

I'm not too sure with my new section though.. I've met old faces again (hiya nick! hiya camz!--classmates uli tayo sa graduating class!) and too many new faces to understand for only a week. I really doo hooppe that something big happens like last year. Something that'd make everyone go, "GROUP HUG EVERYONE!" some time in the year. Can't wait for bonding sessions!! hahaa!

Yay Rocky won in the ring 1 dog show competition a while ago! Yay! He's got 11 pts left till he's a philippine champion! To think that he's just a baby --- 6 months old!

I'm liking and hating things. I hate the school's one org policy, I hate how that policy affects ALL the students especially the people who have passionate interests therefore joining multiple orgs and forced to just choose one! I hate that fact that I've been separated with my friends again. It's like my 3-year curse. Every after 3 years, I am always separated. I just don't know why. I hate that people think I'm older than my brother. Or those who think I'm a 20 year old. I hate that I'm hating a lot of things this time. DARN!! Brighten up tiff! I thought that you were supposed to be optimistic?

Oh dear, there i go with my eccentric ways again... talking to myself... great..

Oh and chairy chair chair's (that's my friend's nickname btw, and yep, I'm the only who calls her that. haha!) sent me the PSD FILE OF THE LAST BOOK OF THE HARRY POTTER SERIES! THE HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED, MOST AWAITED BOOK EVER IS NOW IN MY DOCUMENTS! I have no idea if this is genuine (most likely not) but in any case, I am not gonna read it! I just wanted to get the feeling that I got it before anyone else. Hehe. That's me! Weird =)

So now I'm contemplating my fate.... Lord please send me a sign... and I hope it hits me. Hits me REALL GOOD.... and HARD.....

Updates when I update! :cool

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