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Sunday, April 15, 2007
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Guys! I'll be gone for the whole week this week because of the JLTC training. I'll be too groggy to even type a key on this keyboard so sorry for the future lack of updates! As the terminatory guys said...

"Don't worry, I"ll be BACK!"
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I swear, my head is about to explode into scramblish smitereens any minute now!! ARGGHHH!!!!
Man, even my activities prevented me from blogging AND mylot! I wasn't able to open up any discussions on mylot nor replied to any. This must be the reason why my rating's descending instead of the other way around! But at least I have $5 already in my account and I only need $5 more to reach my minimum checout. And I also got 3 referrals! Yey! =) And I sold my Angus, Thongs BOOK (not the real kinds. lolz :haha) aleady so money's piling up. Now I just have to edit my joke and it's off to reader's digest for you!

I've finally graduated from Ateneo!! No, not from a course coz am still at high school but from their problem solving program. One thing that I can say about this program is..... it's FULL of problems which you really have to spend HOURS just to solve it therefore, the scrambled brain. Last Wednesday was our last day of lecture and we tackled on Mathematical models but I mostly spent time talking to my seatmate! lolz. But still, I think i learned more with a talking seatmate than absolute silence. But right after that, I went to Daynel's house to start prepping for our Junior Leadership training =) We already finished with our STA chart and Attendance chart and next, my job is to type the whole training proposal. I really do hope everything goes well. =) Goo OOZIES! lolz! What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that word? It's nice to have feedback.

Thursday was graduation day (Ateneo thing) and I really really wondered how the heck will that run through because I didn't think we needed any but I was surprised because I learned a lot from Mrs. Queena's talk (dean of math and science i think) but it was really hard to LOOK at her because she EERILY resembles my first year adviser. Without the glasses though. Still, it was freaky.... Well so my cousins and I and a lot of Saint Jude people received our certificates! It ives you a warm feeling inside... lolz!

Gideone - in yellow shirt - holding his certificate

Giselle - 4th to the left - holding her certificate

Certificate up close!

But my classes aren't over! I spent the whole Friday and Saturday studying Calc and reviewing for entrance exams that after 4th year, I just want to spend a WHOLE MONTH away from studies! Yep, that's the first thing I'm gonna do when I graduate high school (man it feels so weird saying that). Today's my only rest day coz my JLTC training starts next week. Then it's off to the greenlands for me and Bobby and next next week (La salle computer program).
I did have my fun moment though like after graduation, I tagged along with my cousins because they had their interview at Makati Gospel (they're gonna transfer schools) so my mom, dad and I went to the Fort! I FINALLY ate them delicious Krispy Kremes! Sorry I wasn't able to take any pictures because we devoured them easily. I swear, they taste like heaven! YUMMM.... We were also able to go Hobbes and Landes and bought some neat puzzles !I finally got my wish and I got a 2000 pc puzzle! We already finished almost 1/4 of it.
I've got some freaking sad news too.... Our 8-year old dog died yesterday from internal bleeding... just like Hollywood the first. She looked so cute pa rin and it pained me too see her in so much pain so I was a little glad when she was finally relieved. That's 5 dog deaths in one year and it's not even half the year yet. Wahhh pls God... :wah I'll continue to pray instead..
Well gtg now!
Updates when I update! =)

P.S. I just joined neopets again! Who here wants to be my neofriend? Add me! =) My name's jynxypanda there

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