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Wednesday, January 07, 2009
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finished downloading:
#70 The Wrestler
reading : Shadow of the Wind

Hey guys!

I've been neglecting blogger for a while and have been tinkering with tumblr more! I just can't help it because of the ease and the minimal hard work I have to put through. Whenever I do a blog post, I always have this plan of what to say, how it's going to be said and such. :P hehe. At least with tumblr, a sentence-post won't be unusual but of course, my lengthy posts are sort of evident there too so PLS visit me there too! I'll definitely update it EVERYDAY because of Project 365. Actually it's also a place for my movie news, book news and more! hehe :P It's a really cool to-share site. Visit and follow me guys!! :p hehe

Anyway, here's a VERY SHORT video blog. An announcement of sorts. hehe Sorry no effects here and it's even cut off! I decided to have a cut off video... just to spice it up?? LOLZ! Cliff hanger eh. hehe :P

Vlog# 8 Announcement-ing! haha from Tiffany K on Vimeo.

Another announcement, I've actually joined Sis Aisha's Candy Chic of the Month on! It's kind of a big thing for me since... I don't really join these stuffs. But I do love the tips on like the one on the berries that could help you slim and the other purposes of petroleum jelly! hehe. Go join too guys! It would be fun if all us girls here could join :P

I've got a health tip to share too. Have you ever struggled for sleep on some days? I mean you just lie awake on your bed and counting sheep doesn't seem to work. I recently just had this problem but it was cured instantly. After not being able to sleep after 15 minutes, go to a quiet and dim place and just do some reading or have a cup of tea to calm yourself. The milk routine also works and you just need to drink a warm glass of milk. You'll feel sleepy a little bit and it's off to dreamland and sheep! hehe :P

Visit my tumblr nalang guys, I posted there about my exciting news! Such as the revival of my 12-yr old piano keyboard, my training with Buffy (my pet african grey parrot! hehe :P) and more! Pls do visit!~ I'll update this blogger around 1-2x a week! hehe :p Well tc now guys!!

Updates when I update!! :cool

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