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Thursday, December 11, 2008
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I'm still a kid (well i would like to think so anyway) since I haven't crossed the border between the teen to the -tee so yeah, I still act like a kid. Especially this season of love, generosity and hope!! I do love the Christmas season and I especially tend to get carried away with it. Especially the gift giving and receiving's the kid in me you know.. So I can't help if I would want a new DS game or a PS3 game or a set of Rockband instruments perhaps? I've recently found a love for that game since you can actually play like a real band - as a group and sing/play your heart out without actually disturbing the song. Cool ain't it? haha. So I've got a shopping list of video games here which I found at this awesome site called ShopWiki.

I would also want a PSP you know because of that Patapon game which Honey Lynne lent me during the leadership program. It's such a weird and interactive game! You can't help but sing along to your little tribe, "Pata-pata-patapon!!" or "Chaka-chaka-patapon!!"!! haha That made me laugh so much!

And PC games, how can I forget them. I mean they were the reasons I first went to type the keyboard at the wee age of 8! I'd play Jumpstart all day long and I'd learn at the same time. I also got hooked to the very first PC game, doi, The Sims! Man, even though it bored a lot of people out, I quite enjoyed them. Gosh... haha.

I guess now it would be more tempting to buy because of....SHOPWIKI! It's such a useful search directory/engine to all the shopping stores that you can find! I mean they give you the power to search with the range of prices and show stores that give the best deals! There are also guides to help you pick the best game for you there. There are also related searches which will give you more choices to choose from. And if you sign up now, you might get an ipod nano. Whoa!

Now if I only have the cash. Seriously though, i want to buy a new DS game or at least a UMD. My DS has been hibernating for a long time. I must bring it out of the shelf and give it some exercise! hehe. I'm going to post my real wishlist here soon. I've never done it before. I guess I must try. Hopefully I'll be able to buy at ShopWiki next time! :p

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