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Sunday, December 07, 2008
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Haha hello again guys! Wow my first every written post in weeks! I figured that if I were going to do another vlog, it would take another 2 weeks because of the hassle, secrecy from parents and um... oh yeah HECTIC SCHED in school! So here's a written post! weee! :yay

So much has happened as usual after not being able to post so long. I've been active as usual on plurk though, so go browse through my timeline and check out the crazy things I've done. goo here and PLURK PLURK and multiply!! haha lolz :p

Thanks guys for still visiting me!

Movie news! Well personal movie news anyway. Since I'm a Pirate-er, I've been on a downloading frenzy and downloading 5 movies at once. So far here's my already-downloaded list :

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
Into the Wild
Mean Girls
Shawshank Redemption
Son of Rambow
Nightmare Before Christmas
Big Fish
Anne of Green Gables (tv live action, 3 episodes)
I Am Sam
Step Brothers
American Beauty
Shakespeare in Love
Silence of the Lambs
The ClockWork Orange
Fight Club
Spirited Away
Psycho (1960 version)
Space Jam
The Name Sake
Love at First Bite
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Pulp Fiction
James and the Giant Peach
Saw Series (1-4)
Halloween (original version)
28 Days Later
Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
Dragon Hunters
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Deat at A funeral
The Women
The Shining
Smart People
It's a Wonderful Life (a classic!)
When Harry Met Sally
Bride and Prejudice
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
The Twilight Zone Movie
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Princess Bride
Marie Antoinette

Over 51 titles!! (not counting the individual Saw series and Anne of green Gables) And of course I plan to add more there! I'm really trying to build up a library of movies since... i'm not rich...and I can't buy DVDs like my uncle (I swear, HE HAS TONS OF DVDS, all original!! and he doesn't like to let us borrow... as in SHELVES AND SHELVES of DVDs!!) If you guys want me to burn you a CD of a movie, or if you want me to download a movie for you, I'd gladly do it! I'm also selling some DVDs here (pIrAtEd BUT DVD quality since I want the best, even if it comes cheap. Ang demanding ko noh?? lolz!) 35 a piece, or 3 for 100 :p

I'm currently downloading 5 more movies! wee, I've got a list here of movies to watch! I'm targeting but classic movies, the type that never grows old. I know that they're so hard to look for in dvds, even in pirated form. So there... I hope to get more movies! I'm also currently downloading 50 Disney movies at once, so about 37.5GB, and i've downloaded 25% of it. lOLZ! A few more months to go!! :P

Twilight! lolz I watched it 2x already but I refuse to blog about because... a lot of people already did. I'll just say that I enjoyed the movie, I love Jasper and Carlisle (uh Rob Pattinson isn't my type of Edward... sorry fangirls!!) and Alice (she was so cute right?? haha spunky!) and that Bella in the movie was BETTER! Urgh I hated Bella in the books. Sorry...

Bah, I still blogged about it. It could have been better though... the acting and all. They shouldn't be THAT low-budgeted in the next movie right? What I enjoyed in the movie were the reactions of the audience. Grabe, i laughed more at all that squealing. tsk tsk. LOLZ!! :haha

The past weeks have been hectic, really. English research paper has been constantly on my mind and there's still the Filipino one too. sighs.. hope all goes well.

My friend invited me to join her in her business venture in one of Ateneo's oganizations, AMA (Ateneo Management Association), since it was open for all (i'm not on a management course you see). I decided to give it a go since I love selling. I love to have a business (oh dear, am i on the right course? lolz!!) so i guess this would be an experience and that IT WAS! I was at tiendesitas from Friday night to Saturday (8am - 7:30pm) trying to sell and attract customers (thus I have no more voice lolz! another reason why no vlog) and we did pretty good!! Except for the christmas treest packaged chocoballs. In case anyone wants a good gift idea, pls comment and I'll contact you immediately! I'll show you all the pictures and everything :hehe . Overall it was a REWARDING experience. I've seen happy customers, grouchy passersby, uh.. lazy stall keepers (there was this stall that didn't even to look for customers. weird) and all. It was quite embarassing coz our stall seemed to be the NOISIEST of the lot since I guess we're one of the few freshmen there but who cares? We kinda sold a lot more! haha :P

Well thanks to those who went to Tiendesitas! I know I've been a bugger on plurk coz I kept on plurking that. hehe.

Well tc now guys! Next time I'll be posting my CHRISTMAS WISH LIST! I never made one before but... I think I will now. :p tc!!

Updates when I update!:cool

P.S. Notice the cold breeze that we sometimes experience now?? LOOVEE IT!! Sana pls wag uminit... wahhhzz :wah

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