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Friday, December 26, 2008
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There is no other alias for it, no other name for it but....

Yeap, it wouldn't especially be complete without CHRIST in Christmas! It's the Lord Jesus' day today and I can say that it has been a blast! Praise and thank the Lord! He has blessed us today so much..

Even though I was a bit emo yesterday. Okay, make that A LOT EMO. I was watching pa the vid here that our Literature teacher showed us. I LOVE THE SONG! Creepy, eerie and cool!!! GO BJORK!!

Björk ft. Thom Yorke - I've seen it all

I recently heard that my friend's dad and another friend's mum passed away... and mum's friend's mum also passed away and a blockmate of mine's grandpa is in a very bad condition. It kind of makes you reflect how fortunate you are. It reminds you of the REAL meaning of Christmas. To share your joys with the people you love. And it's such a hard time for my friends to be in such grief during the Christmas... I hope that they are OK..

And I hope that my brother makes the right decision... and hope that history doesn't repeat itself... this story is another discussion I'm afraid. And a gloomy one at that so I won't continue anymore and just..

Vlog #6!

Hehe and I just feel so grateful now... I recently had lunch a while ago at my mum's side and I was soo happy to see my cousins again! Especially my uncle and his family who moved from Denmark to Shanghai! haha My cuz is just so young and interesting! haha. And i was able to bond with them while playing cards, Spore and all. haha. I think I'm beginning to feel the "Big Sister" thing because I am the 3rd eldest in the clan. Well mum's side anyway and I'm feeling old and protective now. I wanna squish my little cousins!! Haha they're just soo cuute! hehe. Di kasi ako sanay maging ate, haha bunso kasi ako dito sa pamilya namin :P lolz!!

And I'VE GOT ONE OF MY WISH LIST!!! TO FIND OUT, WATCH THE VIDEO!! hehe A tribute to all those who gave me gifts, I LOVE YOU ALL ESPECIALLY MY MOTHER DEAREST!!!!! *hugz*


Hehehe well I have to go now! Sorry for the late post!!

Updates when I update!! :P :cool

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