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Monday, December 22, 2008
Image hosted by Being a WinterBird...IS COOL!

*Currently finished downloading..
#62 High Fidelity

Hey guys! It's only 4 days away till Christmas and I must say that I AM definitely feeling the Christmas spirit more this year despite the economic crisis and all. And despite being out of high school. I think that's a big thing! Hope that you all had fun! I'll be explaining lots in this video here (yeah another vlog! A bit long again. Gelli has also tagged me and it's about time I've shown it! hehe I've also sent Chiui my Christmas video message! Kasabawan! lolz :P And pls look to your left.... new avatar! whoot! haha :P

And if may gusto magbigay sa akin this Christmas....*points to wish list - previous post* haha JOKEZ!! :p


Vlog#5 Being A WinterBird Is Cool! from Tiffany K on Vimeo.

* the pommy in the pic with me is the best pommy i had for 3 days... sniff.. those 3 days were reallly something special for me.... wahhzz me miss pommy... hehe. i think they sold her na... wished i could have bought her... :(*

Gelli tagged me with this. Just answer the questions as you google-images or flickr the answers to the questions! hehe Been always wanting to do this but I've never had the time! hehe :P Have fuun! :p

1. Age of my next birthday - 19. Ang tanda ko naa!
2. Place I’d like to travel. - Europe or Japan!! Grabe those are my dream places! :P
3. My favorite place. - Anywhere na may sunset, ang cool noh?
4. A favorite thing. - My IPOD TOUCH! Love kita! haha :P
5. Favorite food. - Sinigang definitely!
6. Favorite color. - RED
7. The city I was born. - Guess :P
8. The city I reside now - Guess rin :P
9.Name of my first lover. - Guess please! (as if may lover at all noh? pero guess nyo) :P
10. Favorite movie. - Lord of the Rings trilogy yeahhh!!!
11. Favorite book. - Cyempre the immortal Harry potter series. actually.. marami :((
12. Bad habit. - Fickle-mindedness...
13. A hobby. - Reading!! READING!!!
14. Current wishlist (maximum of 3). - IRONMAN DVD ( i will LOVE U FOREVER if you buy me this. as IN FOREVER!!. Bose headphones (dreaming eh). Cornyness earrings :P

*Edit, i saw at sis Beng's site na may extra category sa tag
15. Name of my College Major and here it is!! Guess niyo kung ano! hehe

Belated Happy Birthday rin to Sis Jhoice and Sis Hershey!! haha super belated na!! hehe
Haahaa so there!! I tag anyone nalang, so if ya wanna do it (ang cool kaya gawin niyo na! hhee), just do it!! :p YES WE CAN sabi ni Obama :P

Updates when I update! :p :cool

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