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Monday, September 15, 2008
Image hosted by My Grandpa Sees Saddam Hussein

...supposedly at their third floor apartment. My guakong (maternal grandpa) is already 85 years old and he is probably suffering this onset Alzheimer's disease. I'm not sure if it is but he is starting to forget some people's names and he claims that he can see his mother (who has been dead for x years already) and other visitors inside the house like the aforementioned Saddam Hussein. I really like my guakong because unlike my other grandparents, he speaks tagalog and english more frequently and is probably the nicest grandpa in the block (hard to say for my angkong, paternal grandfather). He's also open to a lot of opinions and treats us grandkiddies very well. I just saw him you see, a while ago and it hurts me to see the state that he's in. His right leg is inflamed (WHOLE right leg down to right foot) because of a blocked nerve and he has lost his left eyesight. And his spine is bending like a hunchback's now... Wahh.. wish I'd get to know him earlier, it's not like he's leaving us anytime soon. It just reminds me that he could be gone soon... Wahh... I'd rather not think about it now.

I attended 2 parties last Friday and Saturday, ergo no recent blog entries (sorry guys!). The first one was my mum's See kim ma's (mom's aunt) 80th birthday! It was really bongacious because it's been in the tradition of Chinese (rich usually, them NOT US) to throw parties at certain ages such as 4, 16, 18, etc (i think...) and finally 80. Everything was literally overshadowed by the color red (red symbolizes luck and happiness) and yellow! The whole room was so goshdarn red that I was really really happy (come on red is my fave color! heehe) It was nice to see SeeKim very very energetic. You know that her family has it made when you see that they invited head teachers, monks (YES THERE WERE MONKS! lolz!) and 500 other friends and families. Grandchildren are also traditionally asked/forced to do a presentation and lolz, I couldn't help be amused at the numbers they did! Imagine playing and bellydancing to Bebot, Glamorous and Give me more at your grandma's 80th birthday and in the presence of 60+ year old people! lolz! It was really a funny sight. I guess i was also in a good mood because my second cousin didn't sing as good as I sung back in January (for some reason, she also sang the same song). I'm not being to proud or anything.. but my mom confirmed the fact and I was happy =) hehe

Another amusing thing that happened that night was the likeness of my little 5 year old cousin and I! hehe. We wore the same headband on the same day! Same blue sequined headband, just that hers was definitely smaller. We really looked like sisters (she does look like me a little) and I thought it was really cute! lolz, haha. My aunt says that she's doing really well, i mean the little tot is already the top of her batch in her first year of kinder! And you know what? She's studying piano, ballet, gymnastics, voice lessons and who knows what at this early age! Maybe she's gonna be a genius, i hope she is! And she doesn't look like a geek mind you. She's really sweet. My aunt also told me about her sweet friendship with her bestfriend. I mean it was my little cousin who sort of "rescued" that little girl from loneliness on the first day of school and they never parted ways since. She sent flowers to her, could you believe it? Sighs... hope their friendships last.. I know the feeling of losing childhood friends... :(

Here's a pic of her when she was 3! hehe Watcha think? Rianna's her name =)
*posting pic later*

My bro hasn't contacted us for 5 days. URGHH! He must give us updates! lolz, I feel like my mum's still sort of caging my bro because of skype but now that he's got roomates (his roomie is part of THE team USA track and field!) and school, I guess contacting him won't be easy anymore... oh well...

Steppy's got her arm in a sling... hope she's OK now. Urgh, car doors suck! hehe

Well I think i'll stop for a while. Urgh, have to go study. HELL WEEK THIS WEEK! eeep!!

Updates when I update! :cool

Oh, random video about the Great Sticky Note Experiment!

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