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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
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If I am not mistaken, I think that this is my 2nd post regarding being Queer... not about me... but about how life is becoming crazier and crazier.

Look at this, 50 years ago, Cellphones and the internet (was it even conceptualized yet?) were only real in the ideas and imagination of people. Even travelling to the moon would just be an episode in one of the old X-files movie. Yet here we are ladies and gentlemen at the 10s of the 21st century who are all knowledgeable about stem cell research, apple products (everything with i in front of the word like, iMe or iWhatever) and more innovations that one can possible think of. Even though it is quite beneficial to humankind but I think that technology is a wee bit detrimental to our psychological, sociological and natural state of being.

We just had a debate about sex change and transexuals (I am not against them mind you) yesterday, about it being available to minors and also the recent news about the Fil-Am transvestite who gave birth to a healthy daughter were the rage of discussions. I mean look at society now, it's so different becaus everyone is becoming radical and all think that they are right therefore they just do whatever they want. It's just so different now. Back then, there were only 2 sexes, male and female, but now humanity can be classified to even as much as 5 sexes!! (INMHO). And what about women changing gender who then give birth to kids? I don't know, maybe it's because I'm weirded so much about the fact that I thought the woman was actually a man. If he was really a man, I'd puke if I'd know that he'd given birth because I for one, know that it is only possible in the game THE SIMS and it is between man and alien!! Brr!! Again, I am not against transexuals, it is just me speaking my opinion about it.

I lost my math notebook. And it's 2 days away from the Long Exam, HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO REVIEW NOW?? Crap, i think i'll faint... I lost one of the pairs of my Momo earrings... noo! Why is everything going so wrong in my life now? Sighs.. and to think that I am experiencing panic attacks now. If you consider the heavy fast breathing and the feeling that you're gonna die and escape your body is a panic attack, then I had one. Grabe, I hope that I'll be sane after all of this.

My parents and I watched Hancock last Sunday (my brother was MIA again coz of gazillion projects - good thing I still don't have! hehe). It wasn't as good as expected but again, this movie was queer. The concept and storyline would have been great already if it weren't for the "twist" that they put. Dad then said that the plot was ripped off from a Bulaceno provincial tale about angels coming to earth and reproducing but eventually their existence faded away. I think it's a beautiful story. To think that there literally are angels among us.. It would be cool, wouldn't it? hehe.

On a lighter note, Stephie dear has been given by her cousin a domain! Go visit her scrumptious site right now!! lolz!

I think I'll go blog again next time, I forgot to say something! URGH! lolz

Updates when I update! =) :cool

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