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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
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Our golden retriever Rocky just ate a chicken bone! Contrary to popular comic belief, dogs don't just go biting a chicken bone but they sort of try to chew and eat it as well therefore endangering their lives. It is quite dangerous for them since these bone shards could damage their intestines/stomach. I am so worried for Rocky!! GRR it's that darn brother of mine who doesn't know how to clean himself up therefore leaving chicken bone on the table within Rocky's reach! GREAT DARN IT!!! I don't want to lose another dog.... please let Rocky be safe... please..... Please do pray for him.

And to add to my sorrows is the news that a teacher assistant died around last Sunday and his body was only found yesterday morning at the Ateneo de Manila University. I only heard of it last night and I was really really shocked. To think that I even passed by De La Costa Hall when going to the leong hall for orientation for the debate. Wow.... it's really scary to know that someone died so close.... Grabe... May his soul rest in peace...

Well on the lighter side of things, June 28 marks history for it is the last day of Bill Gates at Microsoft. After years of hard work to establish his 260$ billion company, he is finally going to retire and leave his office. But nevertheless, Bill will still head his charity foundation. I got this news from Yugatech by the way and they have this nifty little video there about a parody of what Bill's last day would be. It's really HILARIOUS and great CAMEOS! Just watch it and you'll know what I mean.

I've always admired Bill Gates. I mean he made microsoft and who here doesn't have one?? Come on, you have got to have MS word. And Windows, who didn't start with windows here? It's not possible that you started out with Linux. Bill made a great impact to our world especially to mine and I just wanna thank him for that. He has changed how view things in life by enhancing our computer experience. Sure he isn't as creative as Steve Jobs and windows may be virus-filled but it's definitely the most user-friendly. And I admire him too for his great mind. High school dropouts turned successful are always my idols :Bill, Steve, Walt Disney and that guy from pursuit of happiness. These are all great people and I can't believe that Bill is retiring. Well have a good life Mr. Gates, you definitely deserved it! =)

Okay, school hasn't been that cool with me now. I've come to discover that I'm a C+ to B girl. Darn, how am I gonna be in the dean's list (ASA pa ako!) when all the grades I'm getting are all UGH?? People say that I should be contented with that score but the thing is I'm not. I don't want to be a one hit wonder. I want to make change people. I want to do my best and see my efforts bear fruit. I aspire to be a straight A student. Take note of aspire, it is likened to a dream that may or may not happen. Sighs... somebody help me out of this slump!

Well anyway, I'm not getting better but the summer movies are. I have already watched The Incredible Hulk, Prince Caspian, Kung Fu Panda and Wanted and surprisingly I liked all of them (well Prince failed my expectations and Kung Fu Panda was funnier than I expected, I gotta write a movie review about this!). Wanted was especially the MOST INTENSE non-horror film I have ever seen. And James McAvoy is now in my star list!! Ever since seeing him in Becoming Jane, I just knew that his guy is gonna MAKE IT BIG!! Haha! Anyway, my next attractions are Hancock, THE DARK KNIGHT, Hell Boy 2 AND MOST INFINITELY, WALL*E!!

OMG!! Did you guys read themovieblog review about Wall*E??? If people are seriously considering this as the BEST PIXAR MOVIE ever and even managed to knocked The Incredibles and Finding Nemo and Ratatouille (my best films for pixar ever!!) out of the ball park, then WALL*E MUST BE FRIGGING GOOOD! A movie mostly without dialogue, a movie who soley uses visual animation literally to create a story, a movie about robots who have FEELINGS, is actually better than any of these talking masterpieces. If this is true, then i CANNOT WAIT FOR AUGUST 13!! I have no idea why SM or any other cinema here wasn't able to get rights (or whatever you call it, sorry am not exactly a lawyer type of person) to distribute it here the same time as US does!! I mean Wall*E is one of the most awaited movies of the year and they didn't bring it here on time!! Nor did they to Dark Knight. I think this is totally unfair making a fan (aku!!) wait for a movie for 2 months! I mean, no wonder piracy is so prevalent here. I am just soo maaaadd!! URGH!

Anyway... I'm still waiting for the other cool movies like the new James Bond film, REPO the musical and more!! EEEK! I can't wait!! hehee

Sighs.. better go back to the real world now and do my assignment. Sighs, oh college life!

Updates when I update! :cool =)

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