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Saturday, May 17, 2008
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Okay, so the title's a made up word but does it ring a bell - any bell - for you guys on any matter?

Well so okay

It's my mangled word for optimism.

Since I'm much of a gaya-gaya (fil word for those who can't understand which means copycat BUT NOT IN A BAD SENSE, hopefully), I decided to join Issa's league of optimism/positive blogs so I'll probably post another one of these in the upcoming weeks, months, years, who knows. I just wanted to post something to remind me how lucky I am still. How lucky we all are and how happy we really are in the midst of all these catastrophes and chaos.

Here's my Top ___ reasons why I'm incessantly happy/joyful/exuberant/quirky/perky/silly/goofy/weirdo this past months

1. I've graduated High school. Mission accomplish for goal number one! One small step for Tiff, a giant leap for Tiffy kind! (meaning, me too? lolz)

2. Being an AYF NDA 2008. Nothing can compare to the magic of stage and friendship. I LOVE BROADWAYS! The people here, made my summer more interesting than usual.

3. I'm still alive, i wasn't killed in some tremendous earthquake. Oh, and I encourage you all to please, please, help in some way the victims of the calamity in China. 22000 have already been reported dead but I'm sure that thousands more are buried within the grime and rubble and are trapped in collapsed buildings. Donate to Tzu chi or some org like it.

4. I've met some Atenista batchmates even before the school year. Well even before the Orsem anyway. Even though the communication is only through ym or the fresh atenean site, I'm so thankful that I've met them.

5. I've commuted with my best pals yesterday. I miss riding the jeep, the LRT and i hope i get to do it again. The sense of independence overwhelms me. I realized that I, will never get lost as long as i know how to commute (and bring a good umbrella)

6. The play-offs are happening this month, i mean, this is probably why i love watching NBA, to tease my brother and to feel the excitement on court!

7. SUMMER MOVIES. US summer movies that is. There's a great line up this what with Ironman as an opening number and speed racer next, and then the Indy movie, and then Prince Caspian, Dark Knight.... OMG!!! I CAN'T WAIT!

8. American Idol is the bomb! No matter if I don't have a pick this season, I do have a bet. (Ang gulo ko noh? heehe) DAVID COOK, YOU ARE GOING TO WIN!!

9. Going back to scouting, even for just 3 days, has been a blast. I recall the endless sleepless nights, the fun at camp, the commanding and SAGO, oh boy i miss them! I also got to meet my 2nd mother and the other scouts as well! missed them all!

10. Haha, sleep late, wake up late, this is what summer is all about.

11. Okay, i gotta admit, the food and lakwatsa makes me A TON HAPPY this summer. A TON.

12. International Herald Tribune is the best newspaper, anywhere. READ IT! Great comics too! lolz, Calvin and Hobbes and dilbert are my fave! Snoopy too =)

So i think this is it. I'll probably post again next time.

Updates when I update! =)$

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