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Saturday, May 31, 2008
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Is this a song? wee... Anyway, I can't believe I actually finished one of my goals in life :


Before learning the fun and art of driving, I was always afraid to try it out. I mean, my mom has been nagging me to drive since last year because she wanted another "driver" so that she can go out without hearing my father utter some grumbling words or the protests from my brother. I was the next choice left and I was also her partner-in-crime in shopping anyways so it's a good deal for us both lakwatseras. But I was the one who didn't want to drive. Since my bro got hit by a 40-footer truck, I've been wary and very afraid of crazy drivers who aren't Speed Racers but still trying to be. I'm afraid of crossing intersections for fear of being crushed. But last week, my father suddenly told me, "Go sign this form, you're going to get your student's permit." And I was like...." I WILL???" Lolz, he then told me that I'd start last Monday. I couldn't believe my ears, I was finally going to the pit of DOOM.

So came Monday and I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6am (hey, it's not right for summer!) and did my morning ritual (the usuals, take a bath, eat something and stuff) and waited for the instructor to come pass by our house since the Socialites driving school was only a minute away from our house ON FOOT. 7am passed....and i was still waiting. 7:30 passed by too and still he wasn't here yet! Finally, we heard the roar of his engine at 8am. Apparantly he didn't know that we scheduled an appointment at 7am. Man, what kind of management do they have there? Anyway, we started with the basics of turning on the car, going forward, going backwards. I was getting the hang of it except I still have to measure the amount of gas I press. Then it was time to really hit the road! I thought that they had a field or something for practice, but our instructor told me that the road was their field! SHOKE! I was so frightened when I finally rounded up the corner because of the fear I told you about. I didn't even wanna turn the wheel! But I was egged on by my father anyway and I did it.....AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE!!

Anyway, it's been 5 days hence. I have already driven along Quezon Ave, Sgt. Rivera, N. Domingo, and of course the famous EDSA! Grabe ang traffic doon! lolz, it was an achievement for me because after only 7 hours of driving school, I was able to go to EDSA and go up along 3 bridges WITH TRAFFIC. Now I can proudly say that I am a 50% accomplished driver. I'm still a beginner and I have to steer better. I always am either too close to the right or left. And grabe the clutch still have to practice it. haha!

My birthday's coming in a week, and I'm gonna have a pre-birthday bash with my friends at Dusit Hotel tomorrow! My treat =) Overnight and swimming and EATING= LOADS LOADS OF FUUNN! woooo!

I'm really starting to sound so much like a glutton...hopefully college will stress me out enough to lose a few pounds! lolz

Oh yeah, speaking of college, I'm now finally in BS Computer Science. I shifted from Management honors to Computer Science last April and it was only until now that they said I was accepted. First they said I was denied, ngayon naman accepted, haay talaga. Pero sure, am in CS already. I'm just so apprehensive though, am I making the right decision? Good thing my uncle e-mailed a few golden words to me, I did the right thing and I can even double major BS MGT for more business opportunities here and abroad. All I can say is, THANK YOU!!! I needed that support and to know I did the right thing. Wish me luck in the future guys! I guess I'll be learning Comp speak now. lolz!! =)

Oh, pls do scroll down and read my technilicious post! haha, it's really an upbeat one. hehehe
Gotta go now! hehe

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