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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Image hosted by Iron Man Movie Review

The recent blockbusters shown this summer has triggered the movie-geek in me again. I mean who here can proudly say that their favorite site is a movie blog? Well I can, and anyway, this particular movie practically nudged me to do a review! hehe.

Superhero movies are generally money-making movies since some people are already familiar with their backgrounds and of course, we can't wait to see a new Superman or a new Batman or some other reason. The main point is that they make a lot of money therefore we still keep on seeing these superhero movies made (look, in just a few years, we're gonna get to see another Incredible Hulk movie). So no matter how small that superhero is, it's gonna make big money, but nobody anticipated Ironman -what some people call a rip-off of Batman of DC comics - t$o be HUGE SUCCESS! 100+million dollars on the opening weekend! Whoa, THAT IS HUGE! Not since Batman Begins or Spiderman or Transformers have I enjoyed a superhero movie in a long time! They say that only a few people know Ironman so they wouldn't be too sure if it would even make $70M but I have heard of Ironman from my bro WHO IS A HUUGGEE FFAANN! I also enjoyed the cartoons back then. hehe well for those who don't know Ironman, the movie, here's my own brief synopsis.

Ironman is about rich tycoon Tony Stark who was kidnapped by terrorists using his own weapons for 3 months in Afghanistan. He was tasked to build a superpower weapon, the Jericho missile, for them but instead, he built his own "Iron" (of course it's something titanium metal thing) suit and sought his freedom. Seeing the error of his ways, he tries to change his company but as always, change isn't always approved by everybody which results in pandemonium and of course, more iron suits! wee!

What made Ironman different was it was "less dark" than Batman Begins. It had more comic relief moments. The lady love wasn't a whiny heroine who was captured by the villain. And of course, the movie had Robert Downey Jr. This guys IS the movie. He brought charisma and depth to the movie. He played Tony Stark so perfectly that he probably deserves and Oscar nod, that is if he will get one anyway. The visuals are also breathtaking especially the scene when he was testing the suit! Love it! But transformers was better on VFX though.

So Ironman, could be my best superhero movie this year. It could change though, I mean the Dark Knight is coming in just a few months, and my favorite villain for Batman is there! Plus, as they say, the late Heath Ledger could give Jack Nicholson a run for money! And plus, the trailers are awesome! And Katie holmes is ooouutt! hehee =)

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