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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
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PLUGS: Ate Shari, Ate Scart

" But as the night came round I heard Its lonely sound It wasn't roaring, it was weeping It wasn't roaring, it was weeping."

- Weeping by Josh Groban

I soo love this song, even though it illustrates scenes from war, it still reminded me of the fateful day. Yes, the fateful day which was just recent. It also happened at night time, actually it was more like near dawn but not quite yet. Sounds of howling and roaring pierced the night, and the neighbors must have thought it was mad-crying. Actually it was just us weeping.

I have only told 2 people about this. But I think it's time to tell it to somebody else... I didn't know life could get worse...

Paris-our SUUPPERR BELLOVEEDD CUUUTEESSSSSTTTT doggy in the whole world just passed away last Oct. 26, 2007 at 2:30 AM. She was only 4 years old when the Lord took her. And it happened right after a scrumptious dinner buffet too, and also right after field trip. It was so sudden, let me tell ya how sudden it was. I mean last Wednesday, I was still able to feel her, to cuddle her, to SEE her even hiding in her usual corner under the table beside the sofa. Last wednesday I was still able to play with her and even tease her, but now? All I can just do is tear up whenever I see her picture or cry at the slightest mention of her name or memory. It's just so hard, I mean THREE DOGS just freaking died in this YEAR ALONE. And now my family's especially my mother's heart seems to be mutilated already. It was so sudden, we didn't even get to take care of her in her sickness, she just left. My mom said that it was probably because she didn't want to burden us anymore. I don't know if it's true, i think she doesn't believe it either because she still cries. She cries everyday you know, no matter what the time is.

My mother was panicking that morning (I couldn't sleep well and I was developing early signs of nausea and migraines so goodbye school) since UP didn't allow dogs to be buried there now, and we didn't want her to be stuffed like Hollywood the 1st coz she might be deformed after a few months so my mom contacted peepz who did crematory services for dogs. It was such a blessing. We found one in Laguna and at 7am rushed there. It was so painful, seeing her, who used to be so lively, just lay there.... I won't go into details anymore. Anyway, we have left a piece of her hair and also a pawprint. We got the ashes last Monday and my mom still brings her up every night. Paris slept beside her, did I tell you guys that already? Well, I now am coping by still calling out her name whenever I arrive home. I can't help it. I need to at least feel that her spirit's here in the house.

We tried looking for a poodle, just like her. Silver in color. But alas it was in vain. I can't find any. If you guys know anyone who sells a silver female poodle, preferably 2-3 months old, pls contact me. Pls.

So Paris, I love you dear little "nakakaawang mukha" dog, rest in peace little one.

Happy Hallow's Eve peepz!
More happenings on my life... next time..
Updates when I update peepz...

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