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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
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Weee! It's becoming a habit, this no-updating-for-weeks thing! hehee.

It's raining men...'s raining men!

I don't mean it's raining gorgeous hunks but I meant raining cats and dogs... My god, I didn't know the power of prayer until now! Everyone must have already heard that the Philippines is having a dry spell and our dams are being depleted but since we started praying the prayer for Rain during the morning ceremonies, it DID rain and boy, after 3 days of praying, A TYPHOON CAME! thus NO CLASSES and me BEING able to UPDATE~ Wahoo!! :yay

It's both a blessing and a curse. You see people have been craving for rain right? And yep un came in due abundance but it somehow damages the small businesses like ours. We can't possibly have any absences in our factory coz we really need the moolah. Thank goodness we still have work today though or else me dad's gonna go mad! haha. And yey for no classes coz MY GOD, as usual SJCS fully BOMBARDED us with tons of projects that you don't know what to do first! Last and this week was HELL WEEK! Come on, we had our retreat, filipino street/breakdance showdown, UPCAT, english occasional report, filipino impersonation project, TLE project, religion powerpoint presentation, MAPEH flower pot design, Hua wen exam, MINOR PERIO EXAMS, Persuasive speech and who knows what I haven't written yet so it's so nice to have a break! It gave me an additional 4 hours of sleep =) But of course the sad news is everything's resched. We were supposed to take our MAPEH and Religion exams today but it was moved to next Thursday (we're now obliged to go to school next thurs! HUHU) and now I don't know when the Filipino impersonation thing is now. Oh well..

A lot of things have happened (me just listed them down) but I really can't forget this year's retreat. Again it was another blessing and a curse (at first). My classmates and I were furious that our retreat was resched to Jul. 31-Aug 2, coz Hua wen (chinese language) exams AND UPCAT were going to welcome us back after the said retreat! WHAT THE? And there were projects galore. So we all thought that morning of Jul. 31 that we weren't going to have fun or reflect at all and just study (I brought my books! I can't believe I brought them on my retreat! lolz!)

If you're really close to me or if you're a 3Berrific person, you'd know na hindi ko kavibes section ko (ayon, nagtagalog na rin ako, it's so new! it means that i don't feel the vibes in my section). Kasi tingnan mo, parang de ja vu nanaman, I am again separated from my closest buds (TAMAGOCHI!!!!) and I don't know 85% of my class THAT WELL so how was I gonna have a successful retreat? Good thing Eddie, Chair, Keithy and Jenni were in my section or else I'd have died.. I missed 3B everyday, like Glen's and Franz's antics and Alfred's melancholy wanderings or even the teasings! It was just so different, 4C was so different. But then magic happened in our retreat. I don't know, our retreat just SPARKLED! To quote Clara from her multiply "
akala ng tagaytay ready n cla para sa 4c but they thought wrong..." And she was right! We flooded it with waterfalls and disinfected the whole retreat house with lysol! We did so many goofy and wacky and serious moments together. We shared some things that I never imagined that we would share. I never knew I'd get along with everybody. I try to, I really try, but now I'm so happy that we have become, (in Val's words) FAMILY. So let's all forget (but NOT entirely) our 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E differences and volt in with 4C!! Yey! I LOVE YA 4C! Sparkle!! I am soo glad that we had our retreat early... haha!

THANKS ALSO TO YOUR RECOLETTERS! You don't know how much they mean to me... THANK YOU!!!! =) Me cherish them forever! Salamat Joan sa BEAUTIFUL BOX na ginawa mo! =) *hugz*

Another important event that happened was the Filipino breakdance competition. No, we didn't win but everyone didn't care coz we all had so much during practices! It was truly a bonding experience! I mean, I was so hesitant to join at first coz I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DANCE! Seriously I have 2 left feet, makes me wonder why SOMEONE forced me to join but now I'm thankful to you coz it was one of the best experiences I've felt! yey!

Thanks to 4c, i've become addicted to taking pictures so my multiply is bursting with them right now! Ito mga pics oh!!! hehe for more pics, just go to

4C Retreat 07

4C greek fashion show

4C breakdance

Ako, extra, new hairdo! it looks weirder in personal

Ack! UPCAT was... I don't know! I feel like I'm hanging on a thread here, it should have been OKi but I forgot something like CHEMISTRY! And i feel like I should have left more blanks! huhuhu... I just hope I pass... Am sure that the Lord will help me... Me lighted a candle to St. Jude also.... I did my best, now God will do the rest =)

So now I'm off to design my pot, got any ideas people? Hehee am also off to visit your sites! So sorry ngayon lang! hehe

Updates when I update people! :cool

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