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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
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This is a tribute to HP, so if you don't like HP, get away or else you'll taste the Bat-bogey hex!

Before I start with my post, let me give an ALL WELCOME HUG TO ATE RAD!! She's back man!!! And as funny as ever! I'm so sorry also to my pals out there who I've neglected for a while.. I'll really try to visit! =)

Haahaaa!! Sorry guys! I just can't stop laughing! I'm crazy like that =)

I guess it's because it's been a doggone long time since I wrote. Oh the usual stuffs, school, oh and the fact that I'm already at
MY FOURTH YEAR. I'm already 17, one of the heads of scouting now, assistant batch officer again and now class secretary. Next week will be our much anticipated retreat AND UP Entrance exams. GREAT. So much has changed, school, sections, friends and other stuffs that I don't even know where to begin. Did I tell you that I'm filling up my ATENEO and LA SALLE application forms as I type these? Well before I typed these pa la. Hahaa! Frankly I'm scared, I'm so scared of the responsibilities, of my future. I don't quite get the feeling of being one of the senior students in the school nor being 17. Am I suppose to be more mature? Be all-knowing? I feel so mediocre...

But anyways, I'm not here to gab about my life, I'm here to talk about someone else's for once. Someone who is most precious to me, someone I've grown up with. Well I'm proud/sad to say, I've finished Harry Potter.

NOT the "dead" kind of finished. Yep, at officially 8:55pm, July 25, (Wednesday), I have finished reading the last word in the 7th series of Harry Potter, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". I couldn't help but shed tears for this momentous occasion, I couldn't help feeling the weight of loss, and the end of something so great. 7 years I waited, and it only took 4 days of reading to end it. I did my rituals before finishing it though, I finished it in the toilet (oh go ahead and laugh..) - my haven for reading, I took a picture with it, and I dropped a tear on its pages. Harry Potter influenced me so much, if not Harry, then J.K. Rowling. I discovered him at 11, just as he discovered Hogwarts at 11, and we both parted together at 17. He has become a part of my childhood, a part of my teen years so I'll never forget him. It is good that these are books, for I can wish to read them at any time, but the feeling of reading it for the first time is different right? Well these rituals seem mad to you, but I just had to do them. I was so overcome with emotion, I had to let it out somehow. And now I'm at peace. I can now finally finish my Ateneo application form.

J.K. Rowling has outdone herself and ended the series with a BANG! This is definitely my favorite of the series, far better than the 6th or 5th or 4th book. Although the epilogue lacked some more information, all in all, what we have here is a beautiful end. Well thank you so much, Harry, and Rowling, I'll never forget how you changed my life.

Now as I set off to battle my own demons, in my own Hogwarts, I'm now more prepared to face the challenges set for me. It may be tough, but I'll always remember...

"You'll stay with me?"

"Until the very end..." =)

Updates when I update! :cool

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