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Thursday, June 07, 2007
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PLUGS: Ralph, Karla

Wee first of all, thank you sa lahat na nagreet sa akin ng Happy Birthday!! *hugz*! Special mention sa mga early birds Franz and Joanne! Ang aga niyo nagreet! haha. You guys made me feel older! Thanks talaga super ah!! :heart

Congrats rin pala sa mga nanalo sa Candy Blog Awards! Especially kay Joseph kasi grabe, ang ganda talaga ng mga photos mo and you deserved it! hehehee =)

Man, I feel soo bloated, what with all the food I've been stuffing in my mouth, I'm really getting "plumper"! Haha, bloated reminds me of my nickname that I used to use with my keypal Sara! Hehe, hope you're fine out there! Hahaha, we used to call each other names and i'd always sign of as bloaty the jynxed panda umbrella thief! Haha don't ask HOW that name came to be coz I kinda forgot too. haha. Well, I first celebrated my birthday by treating (along with Dandan and Juapao) my fellow JLts and staff to shabu shabu! Right after scouting grad, we carpooled to .... oops.. forgot the restaurant's name! Actually we didn't really plan for it to be shabu-shabu but, oh well! hahaha. Yumyum grabe! Now I now that scouts do have a GREAT appetite! (special mention sa 4 na mapapayat sa right end ng table. hahaha!) Picture picture!

Group pic! Lahat ng kumain! haha

Pic from camping featuring my lovely Oh Seven!

Grabe, I realize that I always drone on about the importance of birthdays on my birthday every year so I'm making it different this year. I'll be totally random about it. So now I'm 17. Now I really REALLY feel OLD. Well doggoneit, I don't feel 17. Anyways, so I started my day by going to Drama Guild Workshop! Haha, ang boring lang kung sa bahay di ba? Haha and yep it was fun! I got to meet Louella, Jan, Marj again and the others! Yey! hehe and especially got to see Ms Ardiente and poke fun at her too! (and Val rin!) Next meeting of scouts with the elem heads for our services. Grabe, as the teachers said, ang loyal nga ng mga scouts! hehe. Next came syempre, the kainan! For some reason, my father thought that it would be funny to hold my birthday celebrations at Zuchini's but I decided that the waiters must be tired of old me already so we ate at Philippine Plaza! Their buffet is simply DEEVIINNEE! Thus this is the reason of my bloatiness now. It's been 2 days and I can still feel the after effects.. lolz! Thank you mom and dad for the wonderful treat!! *hugz*!

We've been taking in stray kitties last month! Well not exactly taking them in. Because we didn't know what to do with the leftovers of the workers at lunch, we decided to give them to these adorable kitties outside our house! Now they have these mountains of food everyday. I think they eat more than we do. Lolz! Cute aren't they? The female's preggy! Wish I could actually own one..

This is the female, see her bulging belly?

Cutey one! He's really tame and now come whenever we call him!

Rocky's a big boy now! Almost 6 months! He's now ready to take on the big guys.. But I'm afraid that he's too friendly now... He can't be our guard dog na... haha!

Rocky being the lazy doggy that he is. Look may garfield pa cyang stuff toy!

Been having a Harry Potter reading marathon again! Book 7 is coming and I have to prepare myself mentally and emotionally. I wonder if all our questions will be answered now, like will Harry still stay at Hogwarts? Is Snape really good or evil? Is Dumbledore still alive? WHO WILL DIE NEXT?? haha!
Speaking of Harry potter, I wish I could be more like him during his first years in Hogwarts. He looked forward to school so much and I wish I could too. Now I'm dreading it. Dreading what my final year will be like. Dreading that it is even my final year now. Sighs...

Updates when I update!! :cool

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