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Monday, May 28, 2007
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This has got to be the weirdest entry title ever but I don't care coz that's just me!! Hahaa weirdd!!! The tone in my past few entries seemed too gray and depressing so now I'm opting for fun and sunshine! Hahaa maybe not. I'm just into one of my crazy moods again. It's probably because it's "that time" again! hahaa

I've been spending a lot of time with the boob tube lately or I'll just call it "tubey". Sounds different. (Tubey includes all kinds of viewing material including downloaded movies/tv shows online). Everyday after my review class, it's straight to the computer and downloading animes! Here's what I've watched and LOVED so far!!

I remember back in early summer begging Alennie to let me borrow her Ouran High School Host Club DVD due to her constant praising of it and it got me interested. So when I remembered that I could download torrents with my uTorrent, I found the torrent with the most seeds/peers and it only took me like 3 days (it was like 5gig)!! OMG, one word can sum this anime up and that's CRAZY and KAWAII! (Okay, so it's 2 words) Just let me be a fangirl for a moment. I haven't watched any fangirl worthy animes for the past few years so I'm relishing this moment now (my last fangirl moment was when I saw Ayashi -- Tooyyaa! haha) Weee this anime is packed with a lot of eyecandy (my brother didn't go for this kind of animation though.. aww, it's a shoujo anime kasi) and what I loved best about this anime was it dared to be CRAZY. It was just plain crazy for me at first, I mean come on, what kind of school allows clubs like this? Oh, just to give you guys an idea of what this anime is about, well it's about this nerdy "guy" who gets lost on the first day and stumbles into an "unused" music room and finds "himself" in the company of the Host Club, a club with a purpose of bringing smiles and joy to their female customers (it's not what you're thinking... if that's what you're thinking). Some events led "him" owing a HUGE amount of debt to the club therefore "he" now has to join the club too. Oh, and they soon find out that this "guy" is actually a girl!

AHHHHH!!! *screams again* So the first episode ended and I wanted more... and more... so I finished the whole thing in 2 days. And that was with evening as my only viewing time. I just couldn't get enough of this anime. I couldn't get enough of Tamaki's being obnoxious and SUPER naive, Kyouya's being mysterious and coool, Hikaru and Kaoru's HOMO-ness and craziness, Mori's um... creepy quietness, Honey's CUTENESS AND KAWAIINESS and of course, Haruhi's being oblivious and innocent to everything! Ahhh such a kawaii anime! I even downloaded the manga so I could see the REAL ending. The ending in the anime was such a cliffhanger! But it was better than most, WAY BETTER. Okay... I'll stoop screaming about it now..... *watches it for the 2nd time*

Next... I've been loving Heroes!!

Most of you have already heard of this show and me too, but tonight was the first time I've watched it and boy, even though I've only watched episode 1, I know that i'm gonna be hook! Much like the feeling I got when I started to watch HOUSE M.D. I think Hiro's gonna be my fave character because he reminds me soo much of anime characters! I mean I can just imagine Hiro being an anime guy jumping up and down screaming "I DID IT!!" in Japanese or "YES I WAS ABLE TO BEND THE SPACE CONTINUOUM!" again in Japanese! Lolz. He even looks a bit like my brother which was a bit... freaky. I liked Claire too, being Invincible is COOL! Oh, and who's the real person that can fly? The politician brother or the nurse brother? Forgot his name... hehe. Oh well, I'll watch episode 2 later on. hehhee

On to American Idol news! Yep, I have finally accepted defeat and accepted Jordin's win. Anyway, I did say that it was either Melinda or Jordin who'll take the grand Idol but I was really rooting for Melinda. I have to admit that Jordin sang WELL that night! Let's see what happens to her eh? hehe and I'll still be watching out for Melinda! I wonder what will happen in the next AI season... Can't wait for January!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that Rocky joined his first ever dog show last Saturday!! Rocky is our BEAUTIFUL Golden Retriever and he was qualified to enter the show! I was a bit hesitant that he'd win because I saw that A LOT of people did have their own beautiful golden retrievers but thankfully they were in the adult group and Rocky's just in the baby puppy. There were only 2 of them in the category but this I was sure Rocky had the upperhand. But blast that Chinese judge! He had absolutely no TASTE and he took a loooonnngg time to judge! He picked Rocky's skinny opponent over Rocky! Grrr!! But good thing Rocky won in the 1st ring, and he did win best pup in group! yey! =) Well the next show will be next month! Can't wait! hehe *pictures late!*

Voting for Candy's Teen Blog Awards has just ended! Wish me luck guys! UBER THANKS TO THOSE WHO VOTED! *hugz* Good luck peepz!! =) May the best blogs win!! =)

So this is my crazy post. Updates when I update! :cool

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