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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
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Bad grammar up ahead! I just realized that I have TONS of wrong grammars written on this post. I'm so sorry, I don't know what has gotten into myself... I'll try to write better next time!!

Wee I was just updating my Jaiku's and Twitter and Flickr a while ago. Jaiku and twitter are two free programs that basically lets you post little messages online that serves as your mini blog. In short, just post whatever you're doing on the computer right now. It's really fun and easier than blogging coz all you need are short little direct posts! You can also post on Jaiku using your mobile so check my Jaiku often! I've added a badge in my sidebar so you can check it out! =) Join up and try it too! =)

Yey am back from camping! Actually that was 2 days ago but I really needed a whole day of constant sleep to revive myself! I feel like the time when electricity was drained out of Pikachu, completely lifeless! But now that I've got my energy back, it's time to tell it all!!

Not exactly all, I can't explain everything because... it's just so complicated! Camping was both fun and intense and by intense I mean INTENSE HEAT! The time we arrived there, the temperature was already skyrocketing to about 38C or something since you could actually hear the grass crinkling. There were gusts of wind but still, it felt like an oven. If I thought the heat in Manila was bad, I never ever felt that intense heat before! Well so we all departed around 6:30am (Thursday) from school (I was late again... sighs..) and arrived there at exactly 9:30. The trip really didn't take that long since there was no traffic yet. The minute I saw the campsite, I knew that it was going to be different. We weren't on a mountainside no more and the place was certainly 5x bigger, make that 10x!! So man, it'll be hard for all us trainees! Mind you that this camping isn't all about fun. It's about scouting training too. I won't go into any details concerning abo0ut that though =) So basically we did everything according to the plan except for some teeny weeny adjustments but so far everything went well.

Wahh we just weren't satisfied with the SPLts performance but I still pray to please dear God, ayusin nila kasi kaya naman nila gawin lahat. Maging seryoso lang sila kahit sa SAGO nila, pwede naman magsaya eh pero dapat sa tamang oras. I really hope I see some big improvements this week! Oh I was also able to use the Taboo words I got from Kuya Jester and Kuya Jolenz! Salamat po sa inyo!! hehee!

Then of course, we had our not so traditional hike on Friday. (it was traditional for the sake that we had a hike every year but now more, MUDDY AND WET!) Man, did you guys noticed my title? I just discovered how extreme my fear of heights was, I think it was more on Vertigo though but anyways, I had to overcome it for 3 times! The first time was during hiking, we were supposed to take an extreme trail that required us hike steep slopes. I even froze during some moments but i'm so thankful for Ma'm Winnie and Raich! They kept me grounded. I ended up being the muddiest person there because I had to CRAWL my way for fear of falling. It was cool though! I got to see a spider that looked exactly like the spider that spiderman was bitten! It was black and had a red emblem on its back! REALLY NEAT!

I had to face again my fear when we had to cross 2 trees by being suspended on a cable! Actually this was the easiest to face because when I was finally in midair, I felt.... how cool! I wanted to do it again! The last time I had to face it was when we were going rappeling. Now this is SCARY. You had to climb up this 50ft wall, and then go down by walking on the wall while holding on to a rope. I'll never forget the feeling of being up so high with only a bar separating you from the floor to the ground below.... AHHHH!!!! I think it gave my heart quite a beating exercise.

So all in all, I enjoyed my camp! Despite all the queasiness or heat that I felt, I can honestly say that I enjoyed it =) I'd go back there agaiN! weee!! =)

Oooh and look what arrived when I came home!!

Wee it's a Nintendo DS Lite!! All in it's immaculate glory!! Thank you CUZ GIS!! My bro and I have been clamoring for a new game console and we thought that the DS had some cool games (actually what my bro really wanted was a PS3 but we're still waiting for ze price to go DOWN so there) so there! Me mum finally agreed when she saw how different the price was in the US! I mean you could get it for 6k only! Again I can't thank my cousin enough!! *hugz* Weee now I have my very own virtual doggy! Her name is Pea and she can sit, lie down, jump, spin and shake already! hehehee

Who here watched American Idol last week?? OMG I was enraged when I heard that Melinda got booted off!!! I know that maybe she didn't have that much personality but she was improving yet she got booted off??? WHY IS THAT? NOW I AM NOT GONNA WATCH THIS YEAR'S FINALS! I mean it! I don't care who wins now. It's not because my pick didn't win, I mean even if she didn't win it but I at least expected her to be in the finals! But now.... sighs, goodbye AI. Goodbye! Till next year!!!

So summer's been doing well I think. I'm still studying at the review center and I'm still going to school in the mornings. It's only 3 weeks left till school and I am not so ready! I still have so many things to do and I can't stop thinking at what will happen this school year! I know my section na pala! Section C ako!! Sino dito C?? haha! Oh well, Tc guys!

Updates when I update! =)
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