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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
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Again, thanks to everyone who made me feel like today's worth living again. Thank you!!

Election day had been one sort of peaceful crazy day. I mean, I feel so enraged that they would call it "peaceful" when it fact, some PEOPLE died on that day because of them ballots and candidates! Sighs, what people would do for power noh? I'm losing hope na nga eh kaya, I'm now really considering migration. I just don't feel too keen with Philippine politics anymore, I mean my parents didn't even vote! And my brother refused to register. So what the hell does this mean? Oh well...

So I've been busy with scouting and review classes this week. I also attended my FIRST and LAST Judenites workshop. lolz! Hope the teacher remembers me but I doubt it! hahaa.

I'm gonna be busy for the next 3 days coz I'll be a camp! It's the first time in 3 years since I'll be going camping but at a nice location! (I hope!) We used to go to this camp in Laguna but now it's in Batangas! Hopefully it has a cooler climate!! Wee can't wait for camping! I think I'll be updating via twitter but I'm not even sure if it works so... oh well! See you guys on sunday! See yaz! OH AND I HOPE MELINDA GETS IN THE AI FINALS! hhahaa! that was random. Oh and pls do vote for Thief's Stolen Collections for Best Blog Design!

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