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Sunday, April 22, 2007
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I'm baack!! My hand hurts while I'm typing right but I'll still try to compose a sensible post. But my posts are never sensible, is it? lolz! hehee. Not only does my hand hurt from all the lashing (it's the process of tying bamboos together) but my whole body is sore from all the running around (obstacle course!!) This is what my training has been my friends. Terribly tiring but surprisingly fun! And plus we don't forget the fringe benefits (I lost weight DAW!! yey!) I'm happy with what I've done but of course there may have been some doubts concerning about my training in the beginning but I think that everything's OK now =) This is the farthest that I can talk about it because there's still one more day of training! It's really unfortunate that I can't go though! Now on to other things!!

Because of the training, I've been sleeping rather late therefore I couldn't check on my e-mails nor log-in my neopets or mylot! =( Good thing that I've been earning a little through referrals! hehee. I couldn't bloghop either so I'll try to do that later. I still have a lot of things to do... Sighs..

It's on to computer camp starting tomorrow~! Bobby says the dress code is sports attire but what does sports have anything to do with computers? I can just imagine myself racing against people while carrying computers. What a different sport eh? lolz! Then the week after is another training week for scouting and I'll be continuing my review classes. somehow, I kinda miss math (ugh!! did I just day that??!!) but still, I don't like it. I'm half-way done on the 2000 pc puzzle!!! Man, I really HAVE to find to finish it, not to mention my neglected books! TIME! WHERE ARE YOU???!!

Well I'll try to post more next time!! =) I also joined Candy's teen blog awards just for fun. It's just something worth remembering by. lolz If you want to vote for me though, pls go here!!

Updates when I update! =)

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