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Thursday, March 15, 2007
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I feel so weird this summer. It's unlike any summer I've experienced. I guess it being my last summer that I will be experiencing in SJ has contributed a lot in my worrying state. I just feel so stressed out but it doesn't make any sense (maybe a little, what with all the clearance issues and payment of prom pics and summer classes). I sleep early (10 pm! man that's early) and wake up late (8am) but I feel so........ DANG TIRED!!!!!!!! WHY????!!!!!!


I feel sad and happy at the same time too. I'm happy because it's summer, I passed the La Salle interview (WHOOPPEE!), lots of activities but I'm sad because of probably the same things to0. All day long I've just been watching, going to school (clearance), watching more House series *which is FANTASTIC by the way*, and eating! Sighs... it's probably just "ONE" of those days. I hope that it'll pass. I wanna just be happy...

Well guess this is my first post after the long hiatus! heehee. I'll probably come back if I think of something more to write about =)

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