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Saturday, February 28, 2009
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It's Official......



Here's why I haven't been blogging for the past 4 weeks now, see it's gonna be March in 2 days and I really haven't posted anything. My blogging muse has temporarily evacuated my mind and has probably gone off to a vacation somewhere. I don't have the inspiration to blog now nor write decently in my papers. I just have no bloody idea why. :(

I'm really really sorry to my blogging mates and sisters that I haven't visited you guys for a while. Hopefully by the time the semester ends, I'll have gone back to my senses and continue blogging and put up a new layout. I do have a new layout, it just hasn't been experimented on yet.

I'm really sorry my fellow sisters :( Thanks still to those who still visit and think of me once in a while :p Somehow I'll make it all up to you guys. Things have really been going awry and I'm having a quarter life crisis here. :((

You can still check me out at tumblr, multiply, facebook(my friendster is officially dead), ym (ask for it and i'll PM ya :hehe) and of course Plurk. ADD ME GUYS!! But first introduce yourselves kay?

Peace out! :cool

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