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Sunday, February 01, 2009
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finished downloading movie:
#74 Old Boy
#75 The Reader

reading: The Elegance of a Hedgehog p.65

finished downloading music albums:
#1 Garth Brooks (1)
#2 MatchBox Twenty (1)
#3 Nickleback (4)
#4 Hayley Westenra (5)
#5 The Beatles (13)
#6 Rent OST
#7 Jesse McCartney (3)
#8 Counting Crows (2)
#9 The Fray (1)
#10 Goo Goo Dolls (1)
#11 Taylor Swift (2)
#12 Kelly Clarkson (3)
#13 Utada Hikaru (5)
#14 Jason Mraz (2)
#15 Alicia Keys (1)
#16 Amy Winehouse (2)
#17 Elliot Yamin (1)
#18 The Calling (2)
#19 Craig David (1)
#20 Dixie Chicks (1)
#21 Jennifer Lopez (2)
#22 Phantom Of the Opera OST
#23 Sarah McLahlan (1)
#24 Good Charlotte (4)
#25 Ayumi Hamasaki (1)
#26 Robbie Williams (2)
#27 Kanye West (2)
#28 Colbie Caillat (1)
#29 Fall Out Boy (1)
#30 Beyonce (1)
#31 Panic At The Disco (2)
#32 Carole King (2)
#33 Shontelle (1)
#34 Spice Girls (1)
#35 The All-American Rejects (4)
#36 Enrique Iglesias (1)
#37 Emmy Rossum (1)
#38 Rob Thomas (1)
#39 Britney Spears (2)
#40 Celine Dion (1)
#41 The Corrs (2)
#42 Enya (4)
#43 Eraserheads (2)
#44 Josh Groban (1)
#45 Journey (1)
#46 The Proclaimers (1)
= 95 albums :p

Phew! That was kinda hard to compile :P

As you can see guys, my downloading addiction has SPREAD not only to movies, but also to music. It all started when Izza, my blockmate, showed me her ipod and I saw that all her albums had cover art. So I got myself GimmeSomeTunes which finds album art and lyrics automatically on mac. I also saw some artists that I wanted and also begged her to USB them to me and bless her heart, she did!! :p Yeah thanks Izza! (i didn't list them down na, too many...)

And then I realized the beauty of downloading my fave singers and bands again so there, for 8 days, I was in a downloading frenzy and this was the result. Haha and my search has not finished yet! :p So guys, if ya want me to download some stuff for you, i'm your girl! :p hahaa

I forgot to share that I was the Candy Chic on the month at Sis Aisha's Beauty blog! haha. It was really flattering because I never really thought that I would be one in any site at all... lolz! haha :p Here's a pic! It's only up to January...

Ooh it's me at ze left sidebar! :P

.....meaning it's FEBRUARY NOW! CRAP!! I'm almost gonna turn a year older! OH DEAR!! This is bad.......

And brother dear finally returned after 5 months yesterday!! We celebrated by eating -- YES! MAY KATULONG NA AKO MAGUBOS NG PAGKAIN DITO! amm soo faat naaa :(( -- at SuZhuo resto (yum yum!!). My brother actually GOT THINNER and I feel so ashamed.... man... i must really lose some weight! Now the house is noisier again, and I have someone to bug again! Oh joy! But his situation... hmm.. I don't know if things will change.

But am glad he's back really. :p He also shared some stories about Portugal and some quirky anecdotes. Like how the Brit spoke in Heathrow (London) airport over the P.A. system, "...and for everyone's convenience, all unattended baggage will be DESTROYED!" Imagine saying that in a BRITISH ACCENT. Ang sabaw noh? LOLZ! PHAIL!

Here's a pic! haha evil-looking eh??

Well i kinda forgot what the other thing I was supposed to blog about... lolz! Next time na un! :p hehee

Updates when I update! :cool

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