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Sunday, December 14, 2008
Image hosted by First ever Christmas Wish List

Hi guys! hehe just to clarify, the last post was a paid-to-blog post but I really do mean every word there, I would love to have a Rockband set and the Patapon game on PSP! (but i don't have a PSP...) wahhz!

And here's more downloading news! Here are the latest additions to my movie downloads:
52. A Scanner Darkly
53. Happy-Go-Lucky
54. Let the Right One In
55. Tinkerbell
56. Memory Keeper's Daughter
57. The House Bunny
58. Shrek the Halls (short film)
59. Shawshank Redemption
60. Little Children
61. Death at a Funeral

I've been blogging for a long time now and I've never done a wish list. Maybe it's because I know people wouldn't be able to get me the things I want (uh, i was a kid who had unreasonable wishes, lolz! well i still have them! hehe) or it was too much of a hassle. But I realize on the day we were drawing lots for the block exchange gift giving that it was sometimes necessary because people needed guidance too on gift giving so they wouldn't waste money. I already have a gift for that special blockmate (yeah! it's gonna be soo cool! hehe :cool) but i didn't concentrate on my wish list on my ballot. I was in too much of a hurry since I was the head fascilitator of the group during that meeting. But here's a list, maybe still a bit unreasonable, but I hope they would come true. This list serves as something that I really desire or want this year.
1. Ironman Original DVD (kahit not exact casing)

Okay, today's the day when I proclaim my fandom for.......IRONMAN! Okay, not the comics, not even the plot or story (well except I really like the character of Tony Stark! Brains, Charisma, a good heart, looks!!) but I've become a superfan of ROBERT DOWNEY JR.

Grabe ang galing niya sa movie! He was the main reason why I enjoyed Ironman so much~! And I just realized what an incredible actor he is! If you've seen Chaplin, Zodiac, even Tropic Thunder, you can't just ignore his CHARISMA and GREATNESS! gosh, i thought i wouldn't like him in Tropic Thunder honestly but he pulled it off! My gosh. So yeah, now I'm a super fan. I will watch all his movies from now on (next on list is A Scanner Darkly) and of course, his next movies, The Soloist and Sherlock Holmes! hehe.

Oops this has become sort of a fan rant, lolz! well I would love the DVD because of the SPECIAL FEATURES! You might wonder why a pirate-er like me would like to buy original dvds when i can just rip it off or go to our suki sa Divisoria and buy a dvd there, but THEY wouldn't have the bonus features which includes DELETED and ADDITIONAL SCENES, Commentaries, Behind the scenes and of course, RDJ'S AUDITION VIDEO! haha. so please, if you really want to make me happy this Christmas, grab the Ironman dvd! haha. There are a lot of versions but as long as they have all the special features, i'm happy with it! Kahit walang case, ung CDs lang! haha :P


2. Cornyness earrings

My friend Danwei makes these uber cute clay earrings!! I have already bought from her way back around 2 years ago and the earrings are just beauties! She just added a new collection and I've got my eye on the Momo earrings (my Momo earrings are lost! wahhzz), or Bear-head earrings, or Toasty earrings or Chocolate Cookie earrings! aww they're soo scrumptious!

Image of Sweet PandaImage of Pink Bunny Scarf Hat
I've always wanted these since I stepped into the blogosphere. I stumbled this on Danwei's shopping guides i think and I fell in love with the adorable fleece hats!! Call it impractical, useless or whatever, I still want it because of the cuteness!! *dies* I don't even mind the design, it can be anything coz they're all just screaming CUTE!!

4. A Yellow Bag (No picture)

I'm a bag-a-holic. If you've read one of my old posts, i've passionately already discussed my love for bags. I've already collected various hues of bags: red, purple, striped green, navy blue, white, tan, gray. Yellow has been a color I've been contemplating on getting but.. I just can't seem to find 'the' bag. Every single yellow bag was small... and I needed a BIG BAG for school since I'm the bag lady, for some reason I just need to put lots of stuffs in my bags so each bag tend to way a few kilos. Urgh. So there. I'm wishing for a yellow bag this Christmas :P hehee

5. Mini vacuum cleaner (No picture)

I was with mum at Debenhams one time and they had these super cool (and EXPENSIVE!! it's europe's dept store rin eh) toys esepcially this ducky stuff toy which you can strangle and it produces quacking noises of plea. And if you press its hand, the little ducky would walk and dance around! Ah, children's toys nowadays are really something noh? hehe. But i didn't want that ducky, what caught my eye was this MINI (as in literally mini) vacuum cleaner! It looked like a vacuum cleaner shrinked to the size of a 7 inch toy. It was perfect for a desktop cleaner and KEYBOARD CLEANER! Or a cleaner that can catch the dust in little small spaces and the cool thing is that it's USB-powered so no batteries needed! I can't find a picture online though... A mini vacuum cleaner would be nice...

6. Geek Shirt

These shirts would definitely make you want to BE a GEEK! haha. I super love the CompSat's Geek shirts but unfortunately... i still don't have one... sighs..

Lots and lots of cookies!! MRS. FIELDS COOKIES!! The cookie store right in front of our stall noong tiendesitas... BASTA COOKIES!!
8. R4 DS Cartridge

My DS is getting lonely since I haven't been buying any games now coz... I find them expensive... So i thought why not a R4 Cartridge? I can just download games and play them!! ehhe :P

9. (Start of extremely hard to get wishes) Bose Head Phones

YES!! THE BOSE HEADPHONES!! Preferrably the Quietcomfort ones but that is SUPER IMPOSSIBLE.

10. And the most impossible of all.... SONY/CANON CAMERA!

Any latest Sony Camera and Canon! I've lost my camera (the old one buti.. it was a bit buggy na eh) last semester at school and I've just been stealing photos again... it's nice to hold your own camera... I do wish i could get another one....

Well here's the list! I do hope some would come true... i do hope....

Questions for you to ponder guys!
What's you top 3 Christmas wish list this year?
What's your top 3 REALLY UNLIKELY wishes this Christmas?

Updates when I update guys! :cool

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