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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
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...How do you measure...measure a year?? lolz!!

RENT! Wala lang, hehe my kabarkada Chair is supposed to watch it and write an adaptation for their play and since New Year's coming, I couldn't help but remember it. *sings*

2008 was a great and not-so-great year. Full of mixed feelings, full of super ups, and full of super downs. My super-ups include getting into college and meeting cool blockmates, finally selling that broken down home(long story, maybe I'll blog about it once i'm ready), tons of debuts and my own 18th bday!! whoot! haha And my super downs like being more detached with father's side, not getting into dean's list, having fights, etc.

So it's mixed.2008.

I'll be posting a video blog on the last day of this year!! So wait for that! hehe :p Add ko nalang siya sa post dito :p And I'm gonna share something BIG in that too! lolz :p hehee

I can't think of any inspiring words to say for the year ender. I'm not a great-achiever (even though I'd like to be..) nor a spiritualist like Mahatma Gandhi and not a nobel peace prize winner. I'm just Tiff K and Tiff K will try her best to make a worthwhile post. Worthwile last post :p

I find that the next year is full of possibilities. As much as we want a hassle-free year, there's actually no such thing as problem-free philosophy, hakuna matata, etc. lolz! Sorry for destroying a family friendly film but there really is no such thing... anyway. I got this idea from the movie Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah. It's not Oscar-worthy but this little film is just special in my heart because... I would sort of say I'd do the same thing too if I were her. And I can't imagine knowing that you'd die soon... what would I do? What would we really do? Georgira Byrd in the film conjured up this 'Possibilities' book while living and she pasted her dreams there, how she'd go Czech Republic, marry her crush sa store, meeting the famous Chef Didiere and etc. Little did she know that they would all become a reality as long as you just put your heart to it. I mean do we really have to wait until we receive the news that we'd die, to do our "possibilities"? Do we need to know that Oh, I have cancer and then do it? Hmm.... I don't know, its just a thought that's bugging me anyway.

So I'm gonna share my own possibilities that I hope would become a reality next year. Call it a resolution or what (but I don't wanna call it that, I'd be breaking them if I did), well here's the list:

1. Get into the DEAN'S LIST. It's a possibility I hope. =) I messed up my first sem and I hope by Lord I don't do it this 2nd sem.

2. Download and watch more special and artistic and substance-filled movies. I wanna be a film connoisseur! And read more books! Definitely!

3. Find *cough*heart*cough* I hope that through all the coughing, you'd get what I mean. Lolz :p haha AS IF.

4. Make more blogs and vlogs! Hopefully a domain??

5. Be of a more Computer whiz so that working in Pixar in the future won't be just a dream...

6. GET ORGANIZED! I don't know how... maybe fix my bookshelves... or something. urgh!

7. Meet someone famous! STEVE JOBS FAMOUS! (ahhaa, parang impossible ata mga ito)

8. Hope that bro gets something good out of Portugal and bring home some stuuffs!!! whooot!!

9. Get CATS in the house!! Kitties!! :p

10. Family troubles will be settled

11. More blessings for my family and friends! :P In any form...


Goal: 115-120lbs. MY GOODNESS.

haha I don't have much of specific things listed except maybe for number 2. At the end of next year, I hope to be able to reflect on this post and then make a comment. See what's happened, what's added, what's erased. haha :p

So guys, hope you have A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!! In with the new and keep the old safe and warm!! Well throw out the old bad habits :p hehe. Wait for my vid guys sa Dec31-Jan1! hehe :P

So question, what are your possibilites?? Was 2008 good for you??

Updates when I update! :p :cool

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