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Thursday, November 06, 2008
Image hosted by Dhadha’s Double Celebration Contest! =)

I've joined sis Dhadha's contest in celebration for her birthday and her site's anniversary! More information is at her blog!

She does give great prizes so go join! =)




Really cool noh? Hehe good luck sa mga sumali! =)

Ate Kitty also gave me a Halloween gift! Aww ANG CUTE NIYA!! Hello kitty-ness!! Kawaii!!

On a personal note, sorry guys if I haven't visited you in a while or posted anything at all. I was going to do a video blog again but THEN my gums INFLAMED again. It's not normal at all says my dentist. Maybe it's an aftermath of the wisdom tooth extraction but please... sana gumaling na. The pain finally stopped yesterday afternoon. Before that I had to take painkillers 3-4x a day. Urgh. Will blog about it next time. hehe.

Just catch me on Plurk, I'm still there! hehe. Naadict eh :hehe

Updates when I update!!:cool*

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