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Friday, October 10, 2008
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Adidas was wrong. Impossible is NOT nothing. I proved them wrong by entering the dungeons of math hell and barely escaping the clutches of that MATH exam! I prayed the rosary every day asking for guidance. I studied like hell right after Computer project for this exam so it means a total of 4 days preparation. I WORE ADIDAS RUBBER SHOES on that day but to no avail, I have come out still a tortured soul. I can't do impossible things such as bring my grade a level higher, goodbye B. Goodbye hopes of being a Dean's lister.

Math, you were once my best friend? What happened?

Math and I had a mutual relationship but at one point it became one-sided. I confronted my 4 personalities and realized I didn't like math back but I was still getting good grades.. Maybe now I'm getting what I deserved for disregarding math like that...

I think i'm going crazy... I'm talking about me and math having relationships now... all I can say is... PLEASE MATH! BATI NA TAYO!! Let's be friends again... I'll never let you down...

This delusional phase is the result of Ateneo's gruesome finals week MONTH. Aside from acquiring large eyebags (I swear, i can fit an entire baseball team inside them eyebags!), my heart has grown weak from all the stress and this isn't helping me at all. My body's defense mechanism is connected to my hunger pangs and once I'm stressed/depressed, I GET HUNGRY and I bloat. Therefore I am now a huge whale despite all the stress and I have this one month of sembreak to chop it all off (yes, CHOP IT) Operation sembreak officially begins tomorrow! I plan to eat probably only bread at breakfast, normal meal at lunch and hypanthium (did you know that the apple is just the hypanthium of the flower? It's the soft part that holds the petals together - botany trivia from the Chair, too much botany!) for dinner. Add a couple of hours A DAY of exercise for a month, and hopefully I'll lose all this weight. I just hope so.... I'm getting more depressed by the minute (oh, MUST NOT be depressed or else I'll go hungry again..)

But... a light of hope inside me still flickers. I mean I received good news this month. Our lot that has been stagnant for x years has been finally sold off!! It's not enough to pay our debts but it's... something we've been yearning for since time immemorial. I hope that this will leviate my family's situation. I really do.

I'm also sure that I got 2 A's and hopefully another possible A. Oh what delight did I feel when I received Elijah's text message and Alexa's confirmation from Sir Mark that I got an A in Literature and I had no need to take the final exams! Less study time for me! And what exuberant screech I gave when Sir Tenorio texted me to comfort me that I had no need to take the finals too coz he just added up the bonus points and I got an A in Filipino! Imagine that, me, who has never been good in Filipino and who has such a tremendous struggle in grade school and high school with it has finally beaten the odds and gotten an A. I am soo happy! Computer finals was okay and hopefully I'll be able to dish out a B+ or A.

So Math and English are my boon and bane with the former getting 2 C+'s (great, I chose a course where it had 2 math grades, GREAT) and the latter a B. I'm hoping next sem would be better since TC (blockmate) told me that the trend actually shifts in Math20.2. Hoping to get an INVERSE EQUATION!! *see how math has affected me that I can't help utter math theories and equations out of my mouth?*

I loved my 1st semester though. I'm so thankful I've got a SUPER GREAT BLOCK! GO BLOCK N!! =)  I didn't get ANY terror teachers at all and got some of the most memorable teachers I've ever had. (Sir tenorio, sir mark, sir chanshio, YOU GUYS ROCKKEDD!!) I appreciated Filipino more and learned so much from Sir Tenorio, you're the best Fil prof ever!! Sana kaw rin prof ko next sem! hehe =) I've earned stamina from my very first match in Muay Thai (imagine that, a bloody nose! i got a bloody nose! *cheers*) and had so much fun kicking those darn bags. En11 and Lit13 Section R18 is simply the best company ever during English and Lit! All in all, my first semester ended with a bang! (Math shot me through the head) Full of joys, laughter, heartaches, headaches and all, I wouldn't have first sem any other way (except for the Math bit... heeheee...)

Yes, finally, a well-deserved one month of recuperation is on my wayy!! GIVE IT TO ME ADIDAS! IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!!! lolz! =) :hehe

Updates when I update! :cool =)

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