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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
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I've always wondered what hell weeks were like in high school. Sure I also had my own share of HELL HELL weeks in high school but... I don't know. It seems different in college.

It's actually a HELL MONTH. My gosh. There are soo many orals, papers, exams and projects in one month that i'm gonna burst. urgh. In high school, I guess chinese took up most of my time but now that I'm chinese-free in college, I'm now worked up to do well in others, and there are plenty of stuff to do.

Sorry so much guys for the lack of updates. It's already October and I haven't even updated anything! eeep! I hope you guys understand. If you want, catch me up on YM or Plurk or twitter. Comment if ya wanna know my YM =) hehe or if you have MSN, basta chatting tool. I've also got skype! hehe Just comment and ask for them, and i'll readily give ya =)

For some weird reason, random strangers add me up on skype, why?? How do they even see me? I guess when they make a user search noh? Oh well, time to outline my Filipino stuff. URGH. hehe =) Good luck guys!

I'll be free next Saturday. THAT'S A PROMISE. As in I'm free na. Free for a month to do anything coz it's sembreak! Unlike high school again, there are actually NO HOMEWORKS on a sembreak.  I CAN'T WAIT! =) hehe well tc now!~

Good luck sa finals!=)

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