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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
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Last semester in college was one of the best times of my life because of course it’s the start of my college life. Imagine me being college, I couldn’t imagine it at all because I’ve been sheltered in high school like some cloistered pearl inside a seashell or something and the only home I knew was my little shell. So college was definitely a BIG world!!

But those who helped me with my transition were my blockmates! And I finally found our favorite past time. Ever since our “daddy” Neil in the block taught us a few card games (e.g. Egyptian War, Bridge) and enhanced our old tricks (Pusoy dos) I've become very attuned to card games as in I would always play them. And our CS prof was a real role model there, he is part of some Poker tournament and I've been wondering about other card games ever since.

But this site has a very user friendly interface that not only features reviews for best paying casinos but it also features video tutorials like Poker video tutorials! Now this is a nifty trick because most people are more visually learning capable so having a video tutorial greatly helps (like how I study with power points.) There are also free games that gives you a chance to win BIG by entering your high scores. Of course this site would want you to win so strategies of various card games are also laid out.

It's different from the rest because now you can fully understand playing Poker. It's comprehensive and straight to the point. Even a beginner (like me) would be able to understand it.

Now that I'm 18.... hmmm might I try?

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