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Saturday, August 02, 2008
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Impossible Dream: GETTING AN A in Math/English/Computer

This week is supposedly an introduction to Ateneo's start of Hell week. I think every university has their own Hell Weeks but I think Hell weeks only happen because students will it up to be. We can't help it. Students really CRAM (i do!!) and therefore they only have limited time to do this humongous stack of homework. I tried to be a model student, try to do things ahead of time but I still can't help feel that I'm still cramming. Maybe it's because for once, I actually am studying Math and Computer. I have to pick up my book and notes and solve problems one after the other and this takes time. Surely, a college student's time is not enough.

This is my reaction to yesterday's Midterm exam and last Tuesday's Long Test. I scored a B (decent! yes! but still not what I expected.. grumbles!) on the Long test and I'm quite happy that I'm inching my way up. But last night's midterms is another matter. Let's not talk about it anymore. I'll just do what I normally do and hope for the best and expect the worst. URGHH..

Gosh, getting an A in English is hard. I mean I've only gotten 1 A, B+ and 3 Bs, please see my effort ma'm! I really love English and I hope please that I get a higher grade than B in the coming weeks. I like writing, please don't let me dislike it.

In other news.. a lot of happenings in the movie world!

Both Warner Bros and Disney released their teaser trailers of their upcoming movies specifically "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" and "The Princess and the Frog".
- news from TheMovieBlog

I can't wait for both movies! The Harry Potter movie franchise may have butchered (in a way) the novels but the movies actually keep getting better and better! I loved Movie 4 out of the lot (biased coz book 4 is my fave) and I hope this one keeps up. It's so nice to see a young Voldy! I must say the nephew of Ralph Fiennes looks the part (and he's cute!!) and does a nice little Voldy impression but this isn't enough to know if the movie will suck or not. The movie seems darker than usual. It has to coz _____!! Spoilers! haha :haha See the trailer for yourself

When Disney announced that they were going back to their traditional roots of 2D, I was ecstatic! I can't wait for another film like The Lion King or Littler Mermaid! I simply loved their animation and was excited what Disney could do this time. After seeing the teaser, I was a bit apprehensive. The heroine didn't sound like any of the heroines of Disney and I didn't like her accent for a minute there (am not against anybody mind you) but I still have hopes for this. Randy Newman (he did the music for toy story! a bug's life! more!) wrote the music and the creators of the Living Mermaid are behind it. I'm still staying positive. What extremely disturbed me was the firefly having teeth. I saw a few commented on the weirdness of this predicament and I couldn't help laughing at how funny it was once you notice the teeth! lolz! really hilarious. Watch!

I also want to share with you guys this vid. This video of a lion cub adopted by 2 American teens 30 years ago sparked the animal lover in me again. It just tears me up whenever I see the love between humans and animals. I know animals have spirits, they can understand us sometimes too, and they are the ones who really love unconditionally. I really want to build a wildlife preserve someday in Africa or South America. I'll do that... someday.. Go watch! Now I want a lion cub...

I told ya about moving to a condo right? OMG My parents allowed me! I'll be rooming with Jinny (it's hers! hehe) and her blockmate for a month to see if it really does cut expenses. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. I know I'm going to experience homesickness, I love home after all! Sighs.. I'll be moving tomorrow night =) haha!

Well I guess I'll post again sometime next week. Next agenda... Computer project and Filipino paper! Adieu! =)

Updates when I update! :cool

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