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Saturday, August 23, 2008
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I'm in the mood to blog! Maybe it's because i have become immune to the aftershock of math failures, yucky english grades and college in general, I decided to do something mundane again and blog. Some English classes were actually required to blog to improve their writing skills. They say that if you at least blog frequently, you would be able to check up on your grammar, create new ideas and whatnot, but I don't think that after 5 years of blogging, my grammar has improved at all. It's just a place for me to vent, inform and talk to you guys. You being you readers and non-readers. My blog isn't actually popular unlike Ate Kitty's, I'm just a regular ugh teen trying to not be ugh.

My mother has unearthed this ancient (exaggeration obviously) organ at my Angkong's (grandfather) house but it needs repairing. I was so excited because I've been itching to play piano again, to press the keys and produce melodies, sighs. My childhood's coming back (or i never left it in the first place) and I even bought this teach yourself to piano CD. Don't worry it's fake, so I don't think I lost anything. Must get that organ fixed!!

I finally have 5 more movie blogs to watch out for. Aside from my resident fave blog, TheMovieBlog, I now have my other faves, slashfilm, firstshowing, cinnematical, in contention and filmjunkblog. I find that slashfilm is like theMovieblog so I simply love their opinions. Firstshowing offers a load of movie news and i think they usually get the first bits in the movie news and cinematical too. Sighs.... Yey for more movie sources!! And guess what I found..

*movie news got from the aforementioned sites

As a proclaimed Harry potter fan, I've been following ther books (have always read them on the first day of release during QUARTER EXAMS and reread them before a new one comes out.) religiously and though the movie franchise not as much, I still wanna watch my characters in live action! HP 6 Half-Blood Prince was slotted for a November 21 release but Warner Bros had something else in mind: MONEY MONEY MONEY. My gosh, because they thought that releasing it NEXT JULY 2009 would be more profitable and the crap reason that the writers' strike affected them much, THEY MOVED THE RELEASE DATE 8 MONTHS LATER. OMG, what the CRAP??! Fans are also stark raving mad about this and just go over to slashfilm, etc and their posts will be filled with bashes from the fans. Some even think of boycotting the movie! I wouldn't go as far as that since I am too curious and too much of a fan to miss it. It just sucks since we've been waiting since 2006 for a new movie and we're gonna get it 3 years late. Sighs.. the actors are getting old guys!!

But good news for twilight peepz!! Twilight bumps into Harry's release date and Bolt (disney's new doggie movie) grabs it too. I know that Twilight has a huge fanbase too (well I'm not a fan, but I did like some of the books) because of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black (does anybody like Bella? UGH I DON'T) so definitely, a good news for them fans. I'm a bit happy I guess, I can now see whether Robert Pattinson does the job well or not because if he doesn't, HE IS IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!

I've started a list of to-watch-films since I want to remind myself to watch other great films, some of them aren't playing here in the Philippines so I better download them myself or something. I'm trying to develop this love for Indie Filsm ever since I saw Little Miss Sunshine. That was simply beautiful. Nice!

Some films to watch out for are Coraline (GREAT MINIATURES!)

I had a different Coraline in mind though..

Neil Gaiman has such a wonderful imagination, how will they do this on the big screen? can't wait!! =)

WATCHMEN (My gosh, they sound like a Meaner and more bad-ass X-Men, Watch Trailer Pls)

Official Watchmen Trailer

Kick-Ass (very very violent stuff by Mark Miller about a 15 YR OLD BOY. really interesting)

oohh perfect casting!! =)

I'm currently downloading some senseless games to pass time. You know, games in theme with Diner Dash and all. My current favorite has got to be doggie dash because you can wash and groom pets! LOLZZ haha. Am really crazy now. @_@ Well guess I better go!! hehe =)

TC guys!

Updates when I update! :cool

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