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Saturday, August 16, 2008
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愛,這個感覺直的是什麼? 何時會發現是真的? 我很不懂因為沒有試過或感覺到。 我實在說其中一個的愛, 就是親人的愛。昨晚我剛剛看電影, Wall*e。 我好幾次哈哈大笑!Wall*e 雖然是機器人,他的表現實在像人一樣動作。他臉上的特點能夠微笑,哭,怕,等等。 他也會跟Eve 開玩笑。因為七百多年已經過了,Wall*e 就當然覺得很很孤獨一個人在世界上把他弄清潔。Eve 來的時候是很重要, Wall*e 就從那天起, 有朋友了。我只是在說 如果一個機器人在落後的世界上會得到親愛,我可能也會得到呢?不可能,可能, 我甚麼都不知道。 我覺得自己沒希望的人。自己並不知道什麼才是愛。

In case you can't read Chinese, thank you! Haha, my grammar absolutely sucks, well not exactly sure if it's called grammar, but the structure anyway sucks because I haven't practiced my Chinese in a really long while. Not since I've graduated from high school that is and also because of the past teaching system my high school used, I didn't get much except for more memorizations. @_@ but I'm trying to bring my chinese heritage back. I'm really trying to.

Just to give you guys a gist of what I was saying, you guys recognize the most famous character (well I think) of the Chinese language right? Well it's love. I guess because of the countless queries of people who want to know what love is in Chinese, we would normally write this down to you. But is love. So just wonder why I'm talking about love. =)

I just recently watched Wall*e and IT DIDN'T DISAPPOINT. I don't think it's enough to be a contender for Best Picture *avoids rotten apples being thrown* because I just have this feeling of... I don't know. It's just me. Anyway I loved this little picture because Wall*e is just so adorable! I've never felt love for a little robot before. I mean the way he treated Eve-a (he calls her that) despite his gullible thinking was full of sincerity. I just can't help but stutter an awww in between scenes. Pixar has definitely done it again! EEPPP!! I'm left speechless here. This is definitely a 10/10 movie for me. Definitely!

Urgh, the past week was sort of a mini-hell week for me, what with the CS computer project (my Ten Stars Hotel! Anybody wanna try it out? hehe PM me! It's java program so you need BlueJ for it to work), Math Long Test4, Lit Midterms, English feature article and next week, CS midterms and Lit long paper. College has never been better noh? NOT. All I can say is I am NOT recognizing math long test 4. IT NEVER HAPPENED. Because of the disaster I made, I am not even considering it existed.

Reminds me of the time I broke the cupholder while searching for our seats in the movie theatre of Wall*E... OOPS! That also didn't happen. My bag (laptop) didn't just hit it with great impact causing the WHOLE CUPHOLDER, to be destroyed and fall to the ground.

I've also been hanging around CompSat forum, my home organization's forum and it's just so interesting to get to know my upper batches! I hopefully understant why I'm in my course Computer Science in the first place and if I really like/enjoy it here. I hope I do... maybe my fickle mind would do something drastic... sobs... but here's a little secret I'm letting you all in...i VOICE ACTRESS! Of any pixar/disney films. Maybe it's a ridiculous idea, a crazy idea but I love to do weird accents and dialogues and I like to make people laugh. I try to and this is one SAFE way to do it. And I like talking anyway if I'm in the mood. Urgh... it'll just be a dream... =(

Well I think this is it. I'll post more movie/techie news when I see something interesting..

Updates when I update! :cool

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