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Monday, July 14, 2008
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A blog post right after the very next day!!

Am I forming a 'good' habit? Perhaps.

Or maybe it's just because I'm a very bored kid. My parents are gonna leave me behind, all alone in the house, so maybe I have a chance at video blogging! I'll see what I can do. heehe =)

Today's my FIFTH free cut in PE and it's really, IRRITATING!! I mean this is my only source of exercise from all the studying and the instructor is taking that away from me! Not to mention that our PE tuition has gone to waste... Man, I understood the reason for the first 2 cuts, but this one? He gave us no warning at all. Sighs.. I miss muay thai!

I'm still having LSS from watching Mamma Mia! I grew up singing 80's, 90's songs and Abba was one of my favorites especially "I Have A Dream" and "Mamma Mia" and "Dancing Queen" of course! I just realized that they have other awesome songs and I'm downloading them all. Again, I was highly amused by Meryl Streep's (OMG SHE WAS CRAZY FUN!) and Pierce Brosnan's and Colin Firth's singing! I loved Meryl's 2 girl costars too! My gosh, i didn't know people above 40 could do what they did! My favorite scene has to be Mamma Mia scene, shucks, and for the first time in years, I heard the audience applause a movie at the end of the credits! GO WATCH IT PEOPLE!!

My gosh, college life has never been this full. I'm booked the whole week and have to go home later than 4:30pm. Tomorrow's supposed to be a half day but since I joined the rifle and pistol team (not yet varsity but I hope i learn and join too! haha) I have to attend this seminar about the basics of rifle handling. I'm excited and pissed at same time coz it had to be in the afternoon. On wednesday, i have to stay up to 6 for my Ateneo Christian Ministry Group Choir GA (yes, finally am part of the choir again!) I can't believe that I'm gonna practice my singing after how many years again. Haha! And every thursday from now on, I have to train using the rifle and I can't wait! Though it sucks to go home at 6pm *whimpers*. Friday, WE'RE GOING TO WATCH DARK KNIGHT! Well my block will and I can't believe that this is our first block outing EVER! whoot! yesh! Then we gotta stay up to 10pm for a Filipino play that we're required to watch. Our filipino professor directed it himself and he was mighty proud of it! I can't wait to watch it though! haha, Friday's gotta be the best day =)

Oh the title's random from a random quote from math class when one of the CoE blockmates suddenly SCREECHED, "DONT.........TOUCH..........MY.................F*******................BAG!!!!!" Lolz, that was said in a LOUD and RANDOM way. We were all shocked. Really. haha!

INTACT was so fun coz we finally had some group dynamics! haha I guess it was more FUN coz we won!! whoop! haha! The game wasn't anything new, the rules were something like arrange your group by ___ without speaking but the fun part was actually doing it! Man, I got to know a LOT of things like how long Poch's arm length is! WHOOA!! haha!! And the consequence by group 1 (Wormy jason! Crazy Ryan!) was hilarious! I think I lost a pound from all the laughing! Haha!~

I'm adjusting nicely to my block and I'm so happy that they're my companions for the whole 4 years. Go block N!! *hugz*

I'm so sorry to my blog sisters for only visiting their sites yesterday. I'm going to make a schedule already, like today, I'll visit Ate Kitty's Ate Scarty's and Ate Jays' blogs or something like that. Well tc now guys! =)

Updates when I update! :cool

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