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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
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Bang Bang Bang!!

I never knew shooting a rifle could be fun and UBER TIRING!

Yap you heard that right guys, I am part of the trainees who want to join the ADMU's Rifle and Pistol Varsity team. Well I'm not in the team, but I'm aspiring to be. I really don't know why I joined though, maybe because it's the thrill of first holding a rifle, shooting your first target, or maybe just to escape PE and NSTP (not that I don't like both, but it's sort of a free cut to those na! hehee)

So yesterday was our first training/seminar day! As usual Chair and I were late because of me, I forgot why but we were one of the last ones. Haha! So Coach explained to us the basics:handling, parts, and shooting. I was lucky coz I was sort of inserted in the first batch of people who were the first ones to shoot and Coach personally taught me! My first try sitting was this:

Bulls eye!

My first shot was the far one at the lower right and all the rest of my 6 shots were straight in the middle! 6 Bulls eye! I thought it was beginner's luck! haha =)

Here's my second one, 4 shots, I have no idea why it looked like this:

4 shots?? WEH??

I don't exactly like it but I hope I can improve!! We were all standing at this point and were at proper stance. It's quite painful if your'e not a "stretchy" (i am not) since you gotta twist your torso and hold it at a very still position. Your left hand was technically in pain from carrying the rifle properly. I swear, you just don't "hold" a rifle, you gotta know how.

I'll be training up to October and try outs will be next semester! I'll be posting more of my targets in the future! hehee

Sighs.. I was just reminded a while ago of my paternal family's history of impatience and short-temperedness. My dad gets quite easily angry now and he was particularly angry at the computer because it couldn't connect to the internet. Without waiting for our help when we get home (anyway we got home late, around 8pm), my dad suddenly broke into a fury and PUNCHED our dear old desktop and of course... um... it..doesn't..wanna start now... Crap. It's a good thing and a bad thing. We've been meaning to change this old desktop computer because it's like 5-6 years old already and that's old for computers today. And man, there were really a lot of problems so I'm not sad to see it die. And I'm very glad that we've already transferred all our files to our external 1 terabyte hardrive a while back. Nothing was lost, thankfully. Hopefully we'll be getting a new one.

I'm kinda sleepy.. must sleep..

Updates when I update! hehe =)

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