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Sunday, July 13, 2008
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Argh, I'm very frustrated because my 2 attempts at uploading my very first video blog (yes, the shy Tiffany has had the courage lately to show her blah face and speak blahly for more than 5 mins) were all in VAIN! For some reason, youtube nor blogger video is not cooperating with me or maybe it's just a problem with my network connection. Now I think I have to do another video blog all over again but I don't know when. I have to wait until I'm alone of course to talk to you dear readers... If I have any... ='(

Anyway my life's going uphill, downhill, you know, like the cliche, "life's like a rollercoaster". I'm good with my block, had some bad grades, good in some, but basically nothing to report on.

Oh! It was my dear friend Camzee's debut yesterday! I loved the oriental theme and the korean food but I wondered why camzee wasn't in a kimono or something, it would have been cooler but her party was a blast nevertheless! Haha! And for some reason, I loved the hairstyle the hairstylist did on my hair, i think it's suitable but it may just be me. Someone would probably scream when they see this picture:

Lolz, the vain in me is bursting out! lolz

Well summer movies are here and I'm proud to say that I've watched almost all, well not all but anyways, I've recently watched Mamma Mia today and boy, I HAD SO MUCH FUN! Problem is i've only watched it alone (='() because my parents had to do shopping and my brother had to cram a long test or something and my friends all had different schedules so there I was alone. Good thing my seatmates were all loud and were laughing with me too! Really, I soo love Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Amanda Seyfried in the movie!! Aww, if you guys are just in for some feel-good time or when you're down in the dumps, this movie will certainly lift your spirits. ABBA followers wouldn't be disappointed (hey I'm one! haha!)!!! =)

Well Updates when I update! :cool

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