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Monday, June 16, 2008
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Whirlwind of Passion.

If you've met me personally, you wouldn't think I'd have an ounce of art inside me but of course, I am a trying-hard girl. I try. So this reminds me of the time I wrote a song. Yes, a SONG. With tone, lyrics and everything and the title's sort of like this. I've already lost a copy of it but I remembered it just this month. Well maybe it's because of what I've gone through the past weeks (notice the empty posts?? lolz!!)

Last birthday was probably the best ever because I was with my very best friends. We stayed overnight at Dusit Hotel - my treat - and binged, I meant devoured asian cuisine, and swam for 2 hours and of course, watched Sex and the City with my girl friends! LOlz, we had A BLAST, especially the surprise they had for me that night! Huhu.... thanks so much guys!! I'm officially a RED LADY! lolz, haha! Belated Happy 18 again to me! Thanks to those who greeted me! hehe =)

But what I really did on my birthday was RUNNING AROUND in ateneo. Yep, ya heard that right. ATENEO na ako!! lolz. After 13 years of being cloistered in SJ, i've finally broken free and found another school in ADMU! hehe. Well we had our ORSEM, orientation thingy for us freshmen. It was probably the weirdest and one of the most fun 3 days of my life! hehe, Weird because I would be mingling with A LOT OF NEW PEOPLE (block N!! di na kayo new noh? lolz!) from Ning and especially my blockmates! haha, I was so nervous because I hate adapting to new environment. I really hate it. I mean I became a loner for a year nung grade 4 because our classes were shuffled so I wondered how I was going to survive in Ateneo. I just didn't know how! haha, but thankfully the ORSEM changed all that.

It has already been a week since I entered college and frankly I'm still adjusting to all those break times, those far off and not so far off buildings and especially, the NO AIRCON! huhu, I spent 6 years in airconditioned classroom and my hot-blooded human self can't take it! lolz. haha =) Anyway, I'm having problem most at math (WHO WANTS TO TUTOR ME PROVING?? heehee ) En and lit are my faves, filipino is just starting tomorrow, and CS, uh... I hope I enjoy it! hehee. Anyway, here's to a new BEGINNING! I'm so nervous... I really am...

Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to blog more next week. Hehe!

Movie update! Watched The Incredible Hulk and Kung Fu Panda already! GREAT POPCORN MOVIES! hehee =)

GO TO MY MULTIPLY FOR MORE PICS! hehe, tamad aku magpost ng pic, siguro I'll post a photoblog next time in case I've become so lazy. Lolz

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