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Thursday, June 26, 2008
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public static void.......EMPTINESS!!

Haha, geek much? For experts, I don't think so =)

I haven't blogged for a looonngg time and I realized how few I post. I remembered I turned 18 so I could finally join PayPerPost (yey!!) but then... I got rejected for the 2nd time because I have less than 10 posts per month, which is true. I mean if I'd post 10 posts per month then I would have gone over 100 posts already but I haven't! DARN! anyway, still trying to change that. :hehe

Just had my very first Long Exam in Math18 A&B a while ago and.... it's not preetty! Especially the PROVING PART! I just can't get the hang of proving and to think that's gonne be the most important part for my course anyway. Wah, I hope I'll be enlightened soon. I do hope. I think maybe I got around more than 50pts, I have to get at least 100/200 (for the first 2 long tests) to stay in the regular track. I don't wanna hinder my studies and prolong an agonizing summer which I have already lost since I'm supposed to study every summer. Sighs, unless I go to CS JTA of course, and I can't wait for that! That 3.0 maintenance grade is VERY hard to do after all. Sighs... oh ateneo blue, you make me so blue!!

Don't get me wrong though, I'm loving my Ateneo life. Seriously. I can't ask for a better block (BLOCK N YOU ROCK GUYS!). College is supposed to be an experience of culture shock but I didn't get any of that at all. Everyone's so down to earth and game for anything. We have big bro Beau and little shoti (though he's not little and it's actually quite disturbing to know that he is the youngest!!) Bok. And we've got some crazy antics already especially RYAN! Grabe, dami mong mais na mais na jokez! lolz!!

I'm so glad to say that I also don't have any terror teachers. Though there is the exception of the STRONG hypnosis of Drowsy but he does teach well. Just, you know, hypnosis is STRONG. Math is fun, Eng is fun, Lit is fun, Comp's fun, Intac's fun but FIL is thE FUNNEST! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Fil would be my most enjoyable class because of Sir Tenorio! haha! Galing!! grabe, my favorite Filipino poem is officially "Sa Poetry" by Rolando S. Tinio. Just read for yourself (sorry my dear friends who can't understand Filipino)and you'd know what I mean.

Sa Poetry
by Rolando S. Tinio

Sa poetry, you let things take shape,

Para bang nagpapatulo ng isperma sa tubig.

You start siyempre with memories,

'Yung medyo malagkit, kahit mais

Na mais: love lost, dead dreams,

Rotten silences, and all

Manner of mourning basta't murder.

Papatak 'yan sa papel, ano. Parang pait,

Kakagat ang typewriter keys.

You sit up like the mother of anxieties.

Worried na worried hanggang magsalakip

Ang odds and ends ng inamag mong pag-ibig.

Jigsaw puzzle. Kung minsan, everything fits.

Pero sige ang pasada ng images

Hanggang makuha perfectly ang trick.

At parang amateur magician kang bilib

Sa sleight-of-hand na pinapraktis:

Nagsilid ng hangin sa buslo, dumukot,

By golly, see what you've got---

Bouquet of African daisies,

Kabit-kabit na kerchief,

Kung suwerte pa, a couple of pigeons,

Huhulagpos, beblend sa katernong horizon,

You can't say na kung saan hahapon.

Konyo (Mix of English and Filipino) has never been this fun!!

I've become a commuter girl too. With the company of either Jason, Paul, Ben or SJ friends (chaaaiirr and bobss! and timms! pamc! tiff h!), I've become more aware of the ropes of commuting. I really like using the LRT, reminds of HK. It is anyway cheaper than going by car. I'm sort of a cheapskate... well.. sometimes lang! Walking anyway is a GREAT exercise (IT IS, JASON!) haha

Topic change! If Stephie has currently acquired an obsession for Bento boxes, I on the other hand, am obsessing for....


Sorry, just had to let that out =) hehe. Anyway, I'm drooling over bags since apparantly I'm in College already and my school bags are just to grade school already so I would want a change of bags. But I think i went overboard with the help of my enthused mom and got myself around 5 new bags. Of course, they come in different colors and material but one thing they'll always have in commons is the SIZE. They MUST be BIG! Ateneo does load us with a lot of books and your bags must be prepared to tackle them! haha. The bag that I really want now is the Prada's Striped Nappa tote.

The blending of the different hues of red is just magnificent! And the size is just right too. Price isn't though!! I'm not rich enough to buy these, but when I have the moolah to just waste my money, I'm gonna get that bag. Or one that's like it anyway... Such a sinful obsession.. URGH!! Maybe it'll pass soon but anyway... i just love that bag. I'll take pics of my bags sometime. hehe

Life's going pretty well and I can't wait to get to school now. See ya block N tomorrow! Breakfast ah! hehe =)

I do miss SJ peepz though... D' TAMAGOCHI!! Miss you!! And mga SJ peepz, ingatz ah! =)

Updates when I update! =)

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