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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
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Nonsensical subjects are my favorite things. Nonsensical blog posts are too. =)

I'm hungry.. and it's 11pm. Is this an illness? Or do I have some worms in my tummy?? ARRGHH!! And Tiffany C's and co's group blog Manila Foodistas isn't helping me at all! SO MANY YUMMMY THINGS! Haha! I really like their food reviews since they're all informative and of course, they provide such delisshh pics! I think they deserve a nomination as one of the top most influencing blogs.

I haven't told you about the letter I received a week ago from an inmate from Orient Ohio. Somehow he got my address from a friend of his who does penpalling and he sent me a letter hoping that I'd write back. He's 26 years old, a father of a beautiful son, 5'11'' and he's in prison for drug trafficking and he hopes to find friendship. I don't know if I should reply. My first reaction to this was WHAT THE HECK??!!! But after a week's thoughts, I think I'd write him a letter too. I have heard of people who want to change for the better and usually people too are the ones that can help him change. It will be nice if I'd give some light to somebody. I don't know. Maybe I need to think more......

I've been having problems with my 5-year old Sony camera. It's bulky and slow, I mean I can't properly picture events and fast moving objects. What I love about though is it's endurance. I mean it has lived for 5 years and it's still alive somehow right? My parents granted me a chance to purchase of a Canon Ixus 970IS since our pet's vet is having a vacation in the US and I could get at least less shipping fee there. The good thing is I found a bargain at Adorama for their very affordable Canon bundle pack! It includes a free table top tripod (I love this!), extra 1 gig memory card, extra battery, camera case and of course the camera box itself. My mum and I, along with Pawpi and Venice, went to Dra's house a while ago to have their scheduled shots and of course to finally get my camera! I've already installed and read the manual (adrenaline can really make you move at ultra speed) and tested all the scenes and capabilities of the IXUS 970IS/ Powershot SD 890IS and all I can say is.... YES NICE COOL!! I absolutely love it! It's 10MP is no joke, and the optical zoom is love. The features all work top notch and I'm glad to have this camera. Well, it's another 5 years till I find a new love. I wonder if Apple would make one... lolz! I'm a Mac-Fan!

Speaking of Mac, I did tell you guys that my sweet sweet mum bought me an ipod touch last march right? Well, i'm proud to say that I have more features than a normal ipod touch owner because I have jailbroken it! It's a term made (most likely) by hackers that means total control of owner over the ipod. Once an ipod touch/phone is jailbroken, it will be able to install various COOL applications and customizations for the itouch. The are endless possibilities now for my itouch. But of course the bad thing about jailbroken ipod is sometimes there are bugs that wreck your ipod. I had a similar problem when I installed the guitar hero theme for tap tap revolution (like dance dance revo, but using fingers!) and unfortunately, my ipod froze and dived into recovery mode. I panicked because the only way to undo this is to restore it which means I HAVE TO ERASE ALL MY DATA! I wanted to cry right then and there but of course, I searched online another way to restore it without losing any data and I have found them from my fellow jailbreakers. I wanna all the guys who made this possible out there.

Here's a pic of my itouch! Hello Kitty much? haha! I've got
more themes! hehe

Just a list of my top 10 most favorite ipod touch applications
10. Twinkle - I can now do mobile twitter without having to pay for anything! Cool noh?
9. Safari - Itouch is now a micro laptop, NEAT!
8. Pianist - My dreams of being a pianist is not over, I can still piano without a piano!
7. Magic 8-Ball - Useful for useless questions
6. HuangRongDao - a game that'll BOGGLE UR MIND!! Just like a rubix cube
5. Pool - it helps pass time. I miss billiards!
4. Converter and MaCalc - A scientific calculator and converter
3. Tris - best tetris game ever!
2. Chuzzle and IZooo - love these games! have to get them 3 in 1 row
1. TAP TAP REVO!! - Super love it! Listen to tunes while tapping beats!

I've found a new fave site, YUGATECH!! It's handled by Abe, a Filipino blogger, who lives off solely by advertising on his blog for now. He does own a few companies though. For more info, just go to his blog. Since I'm pretty much a tech-savvy person, i love to read about the latest technology deals, gadget reviews, and controversies (facebook vs google! wow) but I haven't found a site that particularly involves the Philippines market before Yugatech arrived. I'm glad I've found it! Gotta bookmark it now! hahaa =)

Well, talk again later peepz!

Updates when I update! =)

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