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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Image hosted by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Finally what the people have been waiting for, the long-awaited sequel to this more than 20 year old franchise! I wasn't born in the 1980's so I wasn't particularly an Indiana Jones baby but thankfully, my parents introduced me to the coolest whip-wielding archaeologist professor there is! No wonder I wished to become an archaeologist back then eh? It was an exciting job that offered dangerous adventures and I was an insatiable kid with a thirst for adventure. I don't know about now though, I've just become a bum then but anyway... onto the movie!!

Paramount Pictures gives us a look at the new Indy adventure
" When we last saw Indiana Jones on screen, it was 1938, and the world stood on the brink of war as Dr. Jones chased down evildoers to find the Holy Grail. Nineteen years later, he’s cracking his whip again, and many things have changed ... but some have remained the same. Again, the world is at a precipice, this time caused by the specter of nuclear annihilation, and Indy’s struggle is once again to ensure that a precious, mysterious object remains safe from those bent on destroying humanity."

Okay, it doesn't say much about the story itself like what's that Alien-head-shaped crystal on the movie poster? And what were the roles of Cate Blanchet and Shia?

Basically the movie starts pleasantly to the tunes of Elvis' Hound Dog while watching some kids racing somewhere in the Arizona. We're brought to some warehouse (note the number of the warehouse people!) and are introduced to the cold and beautiful Russian agent, Irina Spalko and her men. And of course, Indy finally makes his debut appreance with a bang! Irina is asking for Indy's aid to her plan on achieving great psychological power over the US using the crystal skull. As the movie progresses, Indy is joined by the young greasy Henry "Mutt", son of Marion Ravenwood (Indy's former flame), his wartime pal Mac and fellow prof Harold Oxley. The adventure takes them to a wild goose chase in the very heart of the Amazon and all of them are in the hunt to return the Crystal Skull.

I really liked this movie despite being confused at the beginning. I mean, I haven't watched an Indy flick since grade one! What surprised me though was Harrison Ford's youthful vitality and agility. That 65-year old man SURE CAN MOVE! Sure you can see the obvious signs of frailty in his appearance but it didn't show in his actions. All the action scenes were great and I can bravely say that I enjoyed this as much as Transformers, a heavy heavy action movie. The warehouse scene and the jungle chase were the best scenes for me. You just have to love the jungle scene, you just have to! But I hated the ants, I SWEAR I HATE ANTS!

Ford and Blanchett were awesome in the movie. Shia showed some maturity but I have some doubts if he'll be as good as Ford. He's.... not serious enough? lolz!! I loved seeing Karen Allen reprise her role as Marion Ravenwood. Lolz, I saw some clips of Raiders of the Lost Ark and I loved the pair of them! Am glad they got back together again. OOPS SPOILER!! I think.. ahha!

So I loved this movie. No it wasn't as good as the one wherein Indy had to grab a heart of the Indian! Many critics are claiming that it didn't have a chance against the past 3 films and I must agree. But, this film is still worthy of praise.

Go watch it peepz! Surely, you'll enjoy this sequel! =)

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