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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've been meaning to blog again and again, but now is the only time I seriously wanted to blog. I mean, I received a letter from an inmate from Ohio who wants to be friends, I didn't blog that yet. My ipod is in recovery mode and I most likely have to restore it but I still haven't blogged about that. And that my friend just came home from Egypt, I still haven't blogged about that but after just watching American Idol a few seconds ago... I JUST HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!!

Never in my 4 years as an idol fan have been as excited about a winner or final 2 up to now. Well maybe except for the season of Carrie. That was the best man, absolutely the best. And i stood my ground and voted for her from auditions to the finals. I knew that she was the one the moment I heard her sing. The year of Taylor Hicks was really a let down. I wanted McPhee to win but I knew Chris Daughtry was better. But Chris didn't even make it to the top 3. McPhee didn't even win over Taylor! What a disappointment. And then last year, I wanted Melinda to win. I spotted her like Carrie in the auditions and knew that she had the best vocals. But she didn't even make it to the finals so i wasn't interested in the finals much. Then this season came. The auditions came and went and I still had no pick. Top 12 already and I still had no pick but then, as time went by, I noticed DAVID COOK. He looked better, he sang with originality, he ROCKED all the songs. I noticed David A by top 24 because of my dad, he sang well but.. he just didn't have the spark! No wow factor for me. By top6, I already predicted that David Cook and David A will battle it out in the end. Top 6 was the only time I really picked David Cook as my bet.

I have never picked on a rocker, like Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry because I just didn't notice them much. Ballads and Country songs were more of my thing but there was just something about Cook. He already had a number one single on the radio before he even got out of AI but I wasn't able to hear it until last week only and yeah, I am hooked. His version was even better than Mariah's. Cook just had something. So when I watched the finals last night, I was screaming for COOK COOK COOK! But Simon was screaming, DA KO-ED DC! Wow, I became worried for Cook because usually Simon's predictions were correct. I did wish that somehow for the first time, I wished that Simon was wrong.


He knew it today when he apologized to DC, when he said that he didn't care who wins this season because they were all great. He knew it. and yes, DAVID COOK IS THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL! I'm so happy for him and yes, I even cried a little for him because I was just so happy. Never have I wanted anybody to win as much as he did because he deserved it more than anyone. Huhu......... I'm a fan David Cook, and I'm gonna support ya till the end!!

Let's thank his younger brother for forcing him to audition! YEAH THANK YOU MAN! hahaaha, it's all that guy's fault! =)

So David Cook, I'm a fan. Enough said. =)

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