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Saturday, March 22, 2008
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Angela has given me something to do and here goes nothing....

Tiff K's 13 Addictions

1. Drinks you're ADDICTED to:
Because of Daynel, I developed some fancy for..... COFFEE! Oh, not the starbucks kind one but the actually coffee bean made coffee! Wait, is that right? Heeehee. Let's not forget my addiction to English tea, iced tea, four seasons, and the occassional sprite binge =)

2. Foods you're ADDICTED to:
Food.... i think I'm addicted to all desserts, Mediterranean, Korean food, and more...!! (see, am a glutton eh? haha!)

3. Websites you're ADDICTED to:
  1. Multiply
  2. Mylot
  3. My OL sisters' blogs
  4. The Movie Blog
  5. Google
  6. Youtube
  7. Gmail
  8. Meebo
  9. Ebay
4. Things you're ADDICTED to:
My laptop(ACER), my cell phone (SE K850i), my Ipod Touch, our DVDs

5. Person you're ADDICTED to:
My private blog will reveal him more to you..... someone fictional...someone impossible! haha lolz!!
Well I do LOVE my family and friends! hehe =)
(crap, i deleted my old pic files so I don't have my fam's pics! huhu, they're on the other comp hehe)

(L-R) Me, Rai, Bobs, Daynel and Chair

6. Habits you're ADDICTED to:
surfing, chatting, watching movies, dvds, screaming at my bro, talks to self, plays with itouch, and a lot more idiosyncrasies

7. TV channels you're ADDICTED to:
HBO methinks. And Discovery Channel, you know, shows with animals too,and stuff. Any would do actually. hehe

8. Serials you're ADDICTED to:
HOUSE M.D. (Gregory House,you're my IDOL!!), Heroes, Ugly Betty, American Idol, The Apprentice, ANTM, Project Runway (do reality shows count as serials? haha and some random koreanovelas, i don't watch pinoy serials...)

9. Supermarket you're ADDICTED to:
Lolz, we usually just shop around Hi-Top and Quincy's, sometimes Unimart. lolz

10. Work you're ADDICTED to:

Mylotting probably! hehe, it's not actually work. I'll hopefully be working at Starbucks this somewhere! (coffee...coffeee...)

11. Colors you're ADDICTED to:

RED IS THE COLOR!! Sorry, am a red advocate you see. I do love pink, light blue, dark green, and black.

12. Place you're ADDICTED to:
Bookstores (i've been to all! hehe), Disneyland (even if it was just one summer, one vacation, when I was SIX, I fell in love with it!), HOME!! (Oh, recently Chair's and Daynel's home too!)

13. Movies you're ADDICTED to:
For now it's Pride and Prejudice, as IN ADDICTED! Lolz, hehe. But all time faves are LOTR, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo (practically all PIXAR, disney movies!), Sweeney Todd (new addition! hehe), Gone With The Wind (another new addition), etc! I like all kinds of film, but these are just some that I can watch over and over again!

Credits: Google Images and my comp! hehe

You've been tagged:
YOU!! I tag you, whoever you are! hehe =)

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